Would you feel bad if you didn't hear from him/her all day?

Maybe it's just me... but today I heard nothing from my boyfriend. Not a message, not a phone call not even a missed call. Nothing... and I feel really bad about it. He usually phones himself cause he has free credit so since he never did I tried phoning him myself and his mobile was switched off the entire time. I left him around four missed calls in 3 hours and a message. I never heard from him and I hate this. He did have work today but it only takes a minute to pick up the phone and he usually does phone even if he's really busy.

Am I wrong to feel this way? Why didn't he phone? What should I do?
What you guys are saying is true .. but we usually see each other or phone everyday and we've been together for 9 months so it kinda sucks ...


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  • no one should have to be in contact with someone else every single day. Even if its just one message, it's contact. Sometimes people need to have a day to themselves and some "me time." Even sending just one message to someone can create a sense of contact and interrupts the personal space.

    I personally would like spending a lot of time around my love interest, but even I would start to feel a bit overwhelmed if I thought I had to message her every single day to keep her from feeling upset. I shouldn't have to feel guilty for hurting her just because I wanted one day all to myself.

    For example, if had been messaging a girl every single day for over a week, and then finally got to see her in person the next week, I wouldn't feel like there had been much separation between us and I wouldn't be as excited or relieved to finally see her. If, however, there had been some true separation between us every now and then, by the time I finally saw her I would be much more eager and focused on her.

    Obviously this is just me. Your boyfriend might not feel like this at all... but I imagine after 9 months he would likely want to spend a day every now and then focusing completely on the other people in his life or just on himself. Even feeling obligated to send you just one message could make it feel like a portion of his day had yet again been dedicated to you. Furthermore, after choosing not to contact you and have some time to himself, to later find a bunch of missed calls and a message might give him the impression that you were clingy.


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  • It's just you. Do other things instead of focusing on him 24/7 and you will feel much better. A guy doesn't always have to call...they got other things to do.

  • If he didn't answer your call, my guess is his phone was messed up, or he was in a bad mood.


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  • Everyone gets busy and he has his own life. I understand the feeling, my fiance has been away for work most of the summer and sometimes I don't hear from him for a couple days in a row! You know what though? He's working long hours, he's dog tired at the end of the night and just wants to have a beer with the boys and go to bed. I don't have to hear from him everyday to know that he cares, and that he loves me, and he knows that. Everyone needs a day once in awhile. Do yourself, your relationship and him a favor, be the cool GF, take a chill pill and don't blow up his phone and don't freak out on him for not calling. I'm sure he cares for you just as much today as he did yesterday. I'm sure there is an explanation. You're dating him so you must trust him, right? Give him the benefit of the doubt.

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    • Thanks, we both try to grant each other the freedom to do what we want with our time and it makes us a lot closer and enjoy the time we do have together to the max.

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