Sending angry text to a guy

I met this really cute guy on a tour trip he was guiding. I think I fell in love with him instantly. I started texting him and told him I liked hi and he said he liked me. We texted back and fort but it didn't work out the way I wanted to and I ended up sending him an angry text. He said he was busy with his company but would call me to arrange a date. I didn't hear from him when he was supposed to call and I got angry and sent him this:

"Are you treating everyone like this or just me? I Haven't done anything wrong and I don't deserve this. If you didn't want to go out with me, you should have just told me in the beginning and I would accept it, instead of leading me on and not contacting me when you said you would. that's just really immature and rude"

His reply: "Hey, Sorry to be rude. I've been really busy with the business and I've had a lot going on lately. Sorry again."

Does guys really feel bad when they get texts like this? And do they get turned off? I hope he understands that I really was interested in him :(
Sending angry text to a guy
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