Rejected this guy, now he won't leave me alone!?

Okay, so I was talking to this guy online (online dating). He messaged me initially, and I checked out his profile and thought I would like to get to know him better.

So we started messaging back and forth, I gave him my number (regrettably) early on. We didn't message much before.

After talking to him for a bit I realized that I wasn't interested in pursuing anything with him. He lied about a lot of stuff on his profile (said he was an engineer, had his own business, etc...) Turns out he lives with his parents (who forbid him to text when they are at home btw!) He is 24 years old!

Anyway, now he won't stop sending me text messages. He got angry asking me if I was seeing someone else (we have never met, and only talked for a very short time). I already told him I was not interested in meeting him. But he won't take the hint!

How can I get this guy to leave me alone. I have been ignoring his messages in hopes that he will get the hint. But he won't stop sending me messages. Now he's telling me he's lonely, well I haven't responded to any of his messages for the last few weeks.

How can I shake this guy? I know that sounds mean, but I am not interested. And he won't take no for an answer :S

So after a few days of no contact for this guy I was hoping he had gotten the clue and that he had given up.

Not so lucky :( He just texted me (after texting me for the last few weeks with no answer) asking "If we were a couple, what would you do?"

WHAT THE HECK :S HELP! I need to shake this guy!
This guy is delisional, HELP!


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  • Hey!

    be serious in your tone, and ask him to "stop disturbing' u. if he doesn't stop there, give his numbr to your male buddies, and let them go harsh on him. Finally, tell him that if he doesn't stop right away, you're gona report to the cops.

    i hv known freaks like these. they won't quit until you hit them hard!

    good luck.

    lemme kno what happnd ok.


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  • Hey!

    Don't reply his texts; and when he calls, recieve the call and put it somewhere away from your ear so that you don't hear what that freak is sh*tting. Do it for some days.

    Remember, don't cut his call or anything reactive that expresses your anger or hate. just recieve it and put the phone away, he can't talk if you are not listening, and he won't call wasting his money on someone who just doesn't listen.

    God help u!

    • Haha, I installed a number blocking app on my phone. This seems to be working. He now texts me less, at least I think he does. I don't honestly know. I sometimes get a notification that a blocked text message was received. So I think it's working :) Hopefully he leaves me alone. I also blocked him on the dating site as well.

  • Simply block his number or just send him a message that you're already seeing someone else.


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