When a guy responds to texts even if he's busy.

I like him and am attempting flirting through messages, but we talk regardless with texting. What I am wondering is does a guy just try to be nice if he responds to messages when busy at work, or does he maybe not mind being seen doing it? He's a cop, so I don't mean working with a customer or something right then. I noticed his responses were kind of short but he never failed to answer. I asked if my timing was not so good, and it wasn't. He responded to about 3 or 4 messages while it wasn't so good. He was in a situation where multiple cops may have seen him getting texts and responding.


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  • well I think that's what awesome about the begining of a crush or like or those stuff everyone give full attention and care and very excited and both feel amazing then it goes by time :D either by he being with or by he gets what he wants and leave (Ugly truth gotta love it :D)

    • He knows I like but he is not really looking because he is dealing with some hurt from an ex girlfriend a few months back. We've been texting nearly daily for about 2 months though. Just haven't ever done it during something like that with work stuff. The closest was during a class he wasn't enjoying. And I am shy. I have thought about the wild stuff, but get nervous around him and can hardly talk anyways. Wouldn't have the nerve do more than suggestive comments on messages every now and then.

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    • yea I know you seem wise and mature but love blind us :D

    • Yeah, cute guys know how to twist shy girls' insides into knots.

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  • he likes you.

    i wouldn't respond to a girl like that unless I liked her.

    and lots of guys don't like texting to begin with.

    • I hope he does! :) He's cute and really sweet!

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    • He's a nice guy but knows when to be tough.

    • good balance.

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  • Time to see if he's going to close the deal. Are you always the first to initiate text conversation? If so, leave it until he initiates. If he does, good stuff. If he doesn't, and there isn't a call to talk and ask you out again, move on.

    • I have left it. He initiates then after a couple of days. I would like him to close the deal, but am also scared of getting hurt. He knows that.