What do guys feel after a first date?

Say you went on a date with a girl you met randomly and were very interested in. You got along really well, dinner was great, had a few drinks, danced all night, and spent the night together making out and some fooling around, but no sex. You tell each other you really like each other before going to sleep. The next day you say goodbye, tell each other you had an awesome time, hug and you give her a kiss on the cheek. Later that day, she texts asking how your day is going. You tell her you are feeling very tired and still recovering from the night before. She jokes and says she can't believe she had that effect on you. You say it was the alcohol, not her who drained you. You text a bit more back and forth until she says she hopes you feel better. You say nothing in return. Later, she adds you as a friend on facebook, but you have yet to accept the request.

How are you feeling? What are you thinking? In short, how do I know if he really had a good time? When is it too soon to contact and see if he wants to hang out again?
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He sent me a text early this morning to say hi. I returned it a few hours later when I saw it. Later, we texted for a bit about some good news I had just received. I told him we should go out again sometime to celebrate and he said definitely.
What do guys feel after a first date?
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