How intimate should I get with this guy on our second date?


So I met this guy 3 weeks ago and we've hungout in group settings on 2 occasions. Anyway, the guy recently asked me out and I had my first date with him yesterday. It was AMAZING! - we flirted a lot and talked the ENTIRE time (no silent moments). He had asked me out to dinner and while at dinner he suggested that we take a walk and then see a movie afterward. During our walk he asked for my permission to kiss me and I said 'yes.' Our first date was fantastic and he even suggested that we go on another date several times and then drove me home. We also madeout in his car when he dropped me off. Anyway, my question to you is: I want to get more intimate with him next time I see him...but I don't wanna go all the way since its the second date and because I don't him to think I am too easy...any suggestions?

*I REALLY like him a lot!*


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  • i'd say invite him in or go somewhere where you can get a little steamy, but also make clear your intentions beforehand. When you invite him in, tell him "Just so you know I won't be sleeping with you tonight because I want to take it slow" or something like that.

    After a few dates with my current boyfriend he asked me to come home with him and I wanted to, because I wanted to spend the night hanging out with him and hook up a little but not have sex. when he invited me home I was upfront with him and told him we wouldn't be having sex, and he actually said that made him like me more. then I went with him, we hooked up that night and when things got a little intense, he was super respectful and backed off.

    he since told me it was so hard for him to do that but he also didn't want to have sex that early because getting intimate that soon in dating someone can ruin your chances at an emotional relationship. we waited a few more weeks to have sex and now we've been a happy couple for 5 months. honesty is the way to go - you don't want to be a tease but if you know you want some intimacy, I am sure he'll take what he can get!

    good luck!