How do I get my boyfriend to kiss me?

How do I get my boyfriend to kiss me? I am his first girl friend and he is my first boy friend. After 2 months of dating, he still has not kissed me. He has gone for the kiss twice but pulled back before anything happened. So how do I get him to finally kiss me? In his Christmas present, I put a giant Hershey Kiss in it. Is that a good idea and cute or should I do something else?

I actually did in for the kiss too, but he pulled back.


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  • Well you can always keep trying,or maybe come out and say hey ya know your my first boyfriend and I'm your first girlfriend , we like each other and I'm sure you want to kiss just as bad as I so lets give it a try...sometimes boys are just scared to try something like a harmless kiss for fear of rejection or maybe just maybe he isn't sure if he knows how to kiss,keep trying I'm sure you can both work past this little road block :) take care and hope this works for you...if not maybe I can think of something else...Dustyone59


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  • The Hershey"s kiss is good ...But try this... Next time he goes to kiss you and starts to pull back follow through with a kiss to him... included as another Christmas present besides the huge chocolate one ... :)


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