How do I get him to kiss me?

Ok I am under 16 like the grade of 7 and I have been going out with this guy for like 5 months and I really want him to kiss me but on the cheek and I don't know whether he wants to or not. How do I know if he wants to or if he is even ready because neither of us have kissed anyone before! Help?


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  • Well, when you go to give him a hug when he leaves just give him a quick kiss on the cheek and then smile. I am sure that will put some thoughts into his head. He is probably just waiting for the right time anyway and is being a little shy because neither of you have kissed anybody before. Good Luck

  • Yea, exactly what Smittymd said, if I kinda wanted to kiss a girlfriend, etc. , I would want her to make the moment =), so yea put some thoughts in his head.


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