Best way to get the first kiss?

I am going on a second date on Wednesday and have not kissed her yet. I could tell she wanted to after the first date but I waited.

We are going out to eat and then maybe something simple after like making dessert or something cool to drink at one of our apts. What would be the best way to go for the first kiss? When should I try for the kiss seeing as I thought she wanted to kiss after the first date? Like I want a cool/romantic way of doing it so we don't just wait until the end and kiss. Because if we kiss during the date, we would kiss later on then also :)

What about holding hands? Should I try that before kissing? Like when we are walking to the place? How do you actually start to hold hands? I feel like just reaching over could be awkward...

And I have never kissed someone before... ha ha I know I fail. I'm 18 and it's a long story ;p so any advice for how to kiss? Or just do it naturally?
Best way to get the first kiss?
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