Dates that last all day or days

So I just had a date that basically lasted two days, neither if us wanted it to end, we just kept doing other stuff because it was so much fun.

How many other people have had really good dates like this and gave then been long lasting and better relationships?

I had one other date like this years ago and the date lasted three days, the relationship didn't last obviously, but it was a really good relationship and we are still close today.


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  • I had ones that sprouted from those. It just like it "clicked" between us and that continued to long term relationships. It's like you get that you have really good chemistry, and like complementing each other that led to a good relationship.

    • Definitely I mean the three day one was really just nonstop talking and laughing we were friends immediately and it was the romance part that just didn't work out. So I guess I'm just gonna wait and see with this one. But it's so nice to find someone you click so easily with, and you don't have to try to impress them or them you. You can just be yourself. It's really awesome

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