Is it possible to recover from an awkward text?

This girl and I have been friends for years and we've gotten into fight on more than one occasion, primarily because I am rude and a jerk at times, now about 8 months ago I passed a really offensive comment an she got mad and I went great lengths to apologize, long texts, fb message, even a letter. she ignored me for a while and I let it be didn't worry about it too much. now more recently I sent her a text say happy birthday and what not and we sorta stated talking again, one day I got irritated that it seemed like she was ignoring me and she didn't seem to want to talk so I sent her a long text explaining so. and she asked me why would she even want to talk to me because I always come off as insulting and go into this stalker mode where I write these ridiculous detailed text and I always apologize and say it won't happen again and then repeat the cycle and its very annoying. since then we haven't spoken in weeks and now I'm wondering what can I do to comeback from this and just attempt to have a bit of normalcy around her. Girls and guys If you took the time to read this I would greatly appreciate some helpful advice, thank you.


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  • Practice thinking before speaking/ texting. Put yourself on the reciever's shoes. Ask yourself " how would I feel if she said this to me?"


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  • write it down before you send it - and see if you feel the same way the next day. but to be honest with you - if the cycle repeats itself so often I don't think I would want to talk to you either.

  • i don't think there is any way back from that


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