Girlfriend changed her phone text settings suspicious act or not?

My girlfriend changed her text settings on her phone just before Xmas. She went away to see parents for a week and when she came back her text setting were changed so basically I couldn't see the messages pop up on screen saying what it said. And just before this she changed her pin lock and I noticed she did and asked her why she gave a crappy excuse. Then changed it back.

We split up before reason I heard rumours that she got with another guy so I went through her phone and found a conversation on her phone between friends about her saying se fancied some guy and she denied kissing him.

Her current actions are bringing back the past, making me think why is she changing her settings. I already said to why she changed her settings she first said when she was back at her parents she didn't want her mum see the conversations between her friends. But she's being home before and never changed her settings before. Now she's changed her story saying there's private conversations between her friends which she does want me to see.

However she tells me everyday how much she loves me which I believe her. She cooks, irons and does shopping for me. These actions say to me that she's making an effort and doing small things which matter.

Do I do the following: I tell her about my concerns

2. Am I being paranoid

3. Don't say anything and just be more vigilant
Girlfriend changed her phone text settings suspicious act or not?
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