She let me kiss her cheek in a sexual way, she lets me touch her thigh.

Hi guys/girls. This girl is in my class. Her style is kinda reserved(aka the good girl that isn't with sex or dirty jokes or discos). I know her good.

The thing is, when I stay near her, on chair or standing, she let me put my hand on her lower back or upper butt. When I'm standing, she let me hug her around lower back, upper but, or my hand in her belly area. I grabbed her belly gently some time(she isn't skinny, neither fat, she is like 86-64-92 if I remeber correctly) , she is sensible to tickling, she playfully take my hand and didn't let me put it back, to tease me, and when to put it back, she just force her elbow to her hips. But after 2 mins, she let me put back my hand. While I do all above, she let me keep my hand on her nearly inner thigh, 2-4 cm away from her intimate space. I even touch her there with my fingers while do this xD. She also interested in talking with me even 2hours+ on phone, I talked to her from 9:45 to 12:15, keeping her interest in me, talking about common interest points, knowing each other better, sexual talks. She even admits that she feels something that makes her talking and teasing me and even if I was a stranger , she would like to have my talking to her. I texted with her like 1000 messages in 2-3 weeks. She is nearly always when possible teasing me. But the problem is that she has a boyfriend(who is physically weaker than me even if is 2 years older than me). She is never talking about him in my presence, she is ignoring his messages or "beeps beeps" when I'm with her, not even trying to message or "beep beep" him back.She let's me kiss her in a flirty/teasing way (I don't try to kiss her lips in class or when are people, to not make feel uncomfortable, need to find a moment in ,maybe library) I made myself clear that I'm not friend with any girl, that including her. She asked me what we are, I replied with "acquaintances" , in an alpha way. I also do gym, she knows me that I'm not just another "player".

My question: is she interested in me even if she has a boyfriend? If not, why is she letting me THIS close to her, if I'm just another "acquaintance"?

Q for girls: who would you let do those above to you?


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  • Yeah, that's not good girl behavior, I would only let my boyfriend do that to me, and wouldn't let another guy if I had a bf

    • maybe she doesn't like him anymore?

    • she is just with me how I said. From school , she is going only home and isn't talking with guys. She isn't talking with guys and usually only with girls. She wouldn't let me do those things until I got closer to her

    • but she still shouldn't do those things no matter how close she is unless you two are dating, and if she doesn't like him anymore then she should break up with him and then you two could be together

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  • If she lets you do all that she may not be such a good girl lol there are these girls...and they're called...undercover hos or ho on the low. Lol

    • i know her pretty good so I can say she isn't this kind of girl. If it is, I may be too blind to see it though

    • lol maybe. Because she doesn't seem that innocent from what you're describing. My best friend was the same way. She seemed so good but a lot of guys knew different.

  • She's into you


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  • I'm not saying she's a jumpoff but...