My crush hasn't texted me in 5 days, what should I do? Should I text him?

Okay, so, it's a long story, but okay...My crush and I were planning to hang out after class like a week ago, and he's the one who asked me, but it didn't work out, because I thought I'd left when I was still in class.

Our Text Conversation (THE NIGHT BEFORE):

Him: "Do you have an 8 am class tomorrow?"

Me: "Yeah, I do. Haha. Why? Lol"

Him: "Wanna chat after class? Same spot?"

Me: If I have time, then sure :) Haha

***15 minutes later***

Me: Well, it's getting late and I'm going to bed, and I shall see you tomorrow :) Goodnight.

Him: Goodnight!

So, then, after my class (THE MORNING AFTER), I waited for him and I texted him saying:

Me: "Hey, I'm at the same spot"

Him: "I missed ya! The bus took off, I figured you'd left"

Me: I was in class. Sorry!"

Him: "Ah, damn, it's all good, next time"

Me: Alrighty :).

Afterwards, I friend requested him in FB and he accepted it :) Anyway, we haven't talked in 4 days and I don't want him to think I blew him off on purpose, but another girl wrote on his FB wall saying "It was nice meeting you today! :p" and he responded with "Pleasure's all mine!" and she replied with "You should text me sometime! :)" (She gave him his number)

Please give me serious and helpful answer


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  • When you said "if I have time" that was your mistake. He's YOUR crush. You like the guy, give a definite "yes" or "no". I would have probably done the same thing if I'd gotten an "if I have time" response. He probably thinks that you're playing games, or you don't take him seriouolsy. You kind of told him that he should wait around on the off chance that you can spare a few minutes for him. You probably blew this one.

    • So...Should I text him or what?

    • If you want to. I mean, you kind of messed up so you're gonna need to make sure he understands that you'd like to see him. A simple "Wanna hang out some time" isn't gonna cut it because he probably already thinks that you are gonna be a lot of work.

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  • text him and say, you miss him and want to see him soon, and that you hope everything is OK with him.

    Tell him when you have time to see him next, and that you hope to see him. In a sweet way.

    Next time don't play maybe, if your not sure, say I'll text you for sure to let you know. Be serious also, not just silly girl.

  • I think texting him is a good idea, but make sure you won't annoy him. Don't ask him about that girl and try to impress him somehow. Don't worry too much . . . hope I helped :)