What are guys thinking when they give you eskimo kisses?

My boyfriend and I were cuddling, laying in his bed facing each other and just talking, when suddenly we both got completely silent. We were looking deeply into each others eyes for a moment, then he started giving me eskimo kisses (rubbing noses gently together), and that lasted for a couple minutes, then we stopped for a minute to stare into each others eyes again, then we'd start the eskimo kissing again. Thus gave me intense butterflies and made my heart race, and it made me happy in such a way that I can't even describe. My question is, do you think he was feeling the same way that I was? Do you think it have him butterflies and made him happy? What do you think was going through his head when he did this? Thanks in advance for your answers!


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  • Yes, he did feel the butterflies as well that's why he kept on eskimo kissing you.

    You have a great guy.


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