Three dates, no kiss,no holding hands or other physical contact yet?

Does it mean he is not into me?

I never really dated before so I don't really know how this works but after three date wouldn't most people go for at least holding hands?

We have fourth date sheduled and I'm really wondering if he actually likes me. The last time he texted me a few minutes after the date but after that he took age to reply to my messages.


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  • I have been through this before, and we did eventually have physical contact... on the 5th date! Haha!

    If he didn't like you, he wouldn't be dating you. Either he is wanting to take things slow, or he's just shy and nervous. Either way, if he's still seeing you, he clearly wants to.

    • Did you ever ask why he took so long to make the first move?

      We've been out again and we hugged but no plans to meet again (I wouldn't be here next week anyways but either way) is that a good or bad sign?

    • I don't think it's a sign at all. You're not going to be there anyway.

      I did ask, he just said that he was wanting to take things slow.

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  • Maybe he's just shy 'coz if he wouldn't be into you he wouldn't date you in the first place - isn't that so?

    • well as I said in another comment the first few times he asked for a second date, the last times I asked and maybe he just said yes because he didn't want to say no.

    • Maybe you're over thinking?

  • He really does like you a lot.

    Though, it seems that he has troubles breaking the touch barrier perhaps because he's just shy in nature.

    • What makes you think he likes me a lot?

      And if so why does he take days to reply to an email?

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    • It might be a good sign.

      Though you should have communication whilst there's still no plan. Don't let the attraction go down.

    • I know and I'd love to talk but I don't always want to be the one to initiate conversation and even when I do he takes a long long time to reply so it's not really like a conversation anyways.

      I wish it was differently but I'm beginning to think more and more that is isn't working

  • I'd say he's just nervous. How old are you? Maybe he's cared he'd come across has pressureing you into something if you're still very young


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  • Whatever happened with your situation? I'm in the same boat and am curious what came of yours. I hope you two are still together! :)

    • we had 2 more dates, but then broke it up. I'm seeing someone else now

  • I would say the opposite, he is very into you! Therefore insecure about when to take the first step. He would´t schedule another date if he wash´t interested.

    • well the first two times he always aked for another date but the last time I asked if he wanted to go out again, so Idk

    • Ok, so you suggested it, now let him do everything else, like texting you about when and where to meet etc...

    • ok well, sry to bother you again but we've been out again. We hugged but no plans to meet again (I wouldn't be here next week anyways but either way) is that a good or bad sign?