3 dates and no kiss!?

So, I'm a little confused about a guy I have been dating. We've only been on 3 dates and I know it's still VERY early in the dating stages but I can't help but wonder what his intentions are. For instance--he is a great guy, VERY gentlemanly and takes a genuine interest in what I have to say on our dates. He asks about my life and my family and we always have great conversations. He also remembers important things/details of my stories and remembers them. We're always talking when we are out and he has opened up a lot about his life. I'm starting to really like him! Our dates have been all-day long dates and have always been a blast. We flirt with each other, laugh, and just have a nice time. One thing I've thought was interesting is that he has yet to try to kiss me. However, he loves holding my hand and will put his arms around me while we are walking. He also makes great eye contact with me and lingers his gaze..so much so that I have to be the one who looks away because I get nervous! The only problem is that I hardly hear from him during the week or ever unless he contacts me for a specific reason (ie: planning the next date). Usually he'll just text me too. I realize it's early but shouldn't he be texting me more often? Or calling me?

We've only talked on the phone twice and the first time was because I asked him to.. the second was the first (and only!) time he called for no reason. He HAS texted me for no reason but it's only be a few times because like I said, it's usually only to plan a date. We've both; however, expressed a mutual interest in each other and when we are on our dates things are wonderful! Is he serious about me? What should I think about this?

I've always been told that if a guy likes you he'll want to talk to you a lot.. but it seems as if this guy is fine with a few causal conversations through texts during the week and that's it. And what's up with no kiss? Our third date was Saturday and I haven't heard from him since that evening.


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  • I'd say he's trying to take it slow. A little too slow, but you can fix that.

    At the end of the next date, when he says goodnight, just ask: What, no goodnight kiss?

    The not calling thing may just him being low-key though. He may also prefer in person talks to calling or texts.

    From you description of the dates, I'd say he is into you, but doesn't want to scare you off. (He may have come off too intense with previous girls.)


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  • He definitely wants to. I think he hasn't gotten the courage to do it. Just jump on him and start making out. Then he'll know its okay ;)

  • he sounds shy if I were you I would give him more signs and try to take lead

  • Cant win really, too fast, not fast enought, sigh, just take you time and enjoy it. He's not rushing i. No kiss, well if you can initiate it if you are really that hung up on it, it will happen eventually, their is lots of physcial contact, and flirting so their is some physical attraction.

    Stop over analyzing everything, guys take their time to make decisons and its a slow gradual process doesn't happen like instantly, what did you want a marriage proposal on the first date.


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