His mom wants us to date..

I really like this guy, but he has a girlfriend of seven months. His mom HATES his girlfriend and really wants them to break up. His mom told me she wishes her son and his girlfriend would break up and that he would fall madly in love with me. Should I act on this and try to push my way through? Should I just see what happens? Do you think his mom will change his mind so I have a chance?


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  • EW NO.

    I can sense a "Mother dictating the relationship" problem in the future. I honestly don't think you should, because what if he was your man and his mother ended up no like you? By doing what she says is just asking for her dictatorship. Not to mention he has a girlfriend. She might not like her, but he does and she shouldn't use you as a pawn to try to break them up. Be smart about this lady.


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  • Don't push your way through. His mom isn't the guy you like. They are two different people.


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  • No! His mom sounds awful!

    My bf's mom is like that, she wouldn't approve of us if she knew. And I'd be really upset if some stupid chick made a move on him because of that. Besides, his moms opinion isn't his own. There were several times my mom suggested guys that just didn't do it for me.

    Just leave him alone. Maybe he'll come to you on his own someday.