What does "asking out" mean? What does it mean when a guy asks a girl out? It can be interpreted differently.

What does asking someone out mean? Does it mean the person is asking the other person to be their boyfriend/girlfriend? Does it mean they are asking the person if they want to hang out, but as friends only, casual, so they can get to know each other more? If a guy and a girl are on a date, does that mean they are officially boyfriend/girlfriend? seeing each other? or is it only a date once they become boyfriend/girlfriend? I get very confused because I don't have a lot of dating experience, because I have always been single, well I have gotten to hang out with girls recently, at first I thought it was a hang out, but then the girls later told me that they were not dates, it was just hanging out. Do most dates and relationships end up happening when the guy asks the girl out on the first encounter he has met her? like the very first time the guy meets the girl, does the guy ask her to hang out or on a date?

I have asked girls out before, but every girl I have asked out had a boyfriend already. For example, if there is a single girl, who does not have a boyfriend and is not seeing anybody, and I ask her out, and she approves, does that mean we are dating?
All the times I have hung out with girls, it was because they made the first move on me, they initiated first contact with me, but they later told me that me and them were always just friends, nothing more than that.
When a guy is pursuing a girl, because almost all dates and relationships are initiated by the guy, how does it happen? How long usually are the guy and the girl talking before they officially become boyfriend/girlfriend?


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  • Asking someone out is basically just.. asking them to go somewhere with you, with the distinction made that it's out of sexual or romantic interest, rather than platonic. Unless you've been friends with the girl for years and you're accustomed to spending a lot of time together, they're going to realize it's a *date* the moment you ask 'em to go to dinner with you. You don't have to be "going steady" with someone to be going on a date, although some people don't say they're dating someone on the first date. "Dating" usually implies that you've gone on multiple dates with them, and you're going to continue to do so, although they may not be the only person you're dating.

    Although I've never been a huge fan of this practice (too much time and drama), some people will date multiple people at the same time before they choose one. Sometimes this can take months, meaning that several of the people involved would have wasted their time and/or gotten their hopes up for nothing. If GirlA is dating GuyA, B, and C, but GuyA is also dating GirlB and C, GuyB is dating GirlD, E, and F, and Guy C is just dating GirlA, things can get rather complicated once GirlA picks someone -- especially when you consider that GirlsB-F are also likely to have several prospects of their own. Exclusivity is now considered an option, which is why almost every teenager alive spends the majority of their time texting amongst themselves about who likes whom, and who cheated on their best friend's girlfriend's cousin.

    Ugh. Sickening. There is more to life than dating, so I keep it to one gal at a time. xD

    Some people do ask girls out at random (the first encounter), but this is usually in the form of asking for their phone number. This can happen almost daily, so getting a girl's number is by no means a sign that she'll go out with you, and if you're ignored isn't a sign that she hated you either -- she just gives her number out a lot, and answers/responds on a whim. Some people will keep numbers stored up, and call one when they're bored and alone. Most actual dates and relationships happen between people who know each other through the context of school, work, hobbies or other friends.

    If the gals you ask out have boyfriends already, perhaps you should consider getting to know them before you ask them out. And again, going out on one date does not constitute dating. I realize that shouldn't make sense, but sadly it does -- making a sandwich doesn't make you a chef. As you already know, you can hang out with a girl without it being a date -- for it to be a date, you have to ask them out on a date! They see you as a friend because you're acting like a friend, rather than someone who wants to date them.

    Lastly, after two people have been dating for a while, they are often considered to be "going steady" and see each other as boyfriend & girlfriend. They talk about it, sometimes one have to ask, other times one of them just introduces the other as their girlfriend.

    • How long should I get to know a girl before I ask for her phone number or ask her out? like how many days, weeks, months, etc. Should I have been talking to her?

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    • Because some people have told me that it is not good to ask a girl out or for her phone number when it is the first time meeting her, is that true? There have been girls I have been talking to on school campus lately, I seem to be getting along with them, but I don't know if they are just being friendly to me, or if they actually like me, or only see me as a friend, I have a hard time telling the difference.

    • Asking her out minutes after meeting her is indeed a bit forward, 'tis why I just ask for their number -- so I can get to know them a bit more. If you don't ask for their number, you may never see 'em again. Also, it doesn't matter if you know if they like you or not, take a chance! If you like them, ask them out. If they say no, don't sweat it.