Why a guy only texts me to ask me out but never text casual daily messaging?

I'm currently living in London and seeing an English guy. There is something different about this guy compared to any other guy I have dated before. Firstly, he is very straight to the point to say what he wants. Secondly, he kissed me on the lips on our second meetings. Thirdly, I know he is busy running his business so we can only meet once a week, but why during the day he never ever text me for just asking how was my day like any other guy? He will only text me to arrange our next date only. If he really into me doesn't he supposed to have that passion to contact me every day? I become wonder, what he really expect from me?

Next week will be our 3rd date, and I'm planning to ask these questions to him. Will it be rude?

Thx before.

Thank you all for the answers. I feel better now. Because I was in doubt, is he really wants me or what? I shouldn't be worry then. Well, sometimes I texted him and he always replies. I was just upset because I have to be the one who asks how his day was.

And yes, he gives 5 days then text me if I have time for our date. I'm asian, and every time he meet he always knows something new about my country.

Btw, should I still sometimes text him to ask how his day was or play cool like him? :D


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  • Wow...I know EXACTLY WHAT HE'S DOING. He should be the example for all guys. He's doing precisely what he should do. He's brilliant. I'm not kidding either. You've got yourself a really really good dude.

    This is awesome! Look...he wants to chat in person not via text. Kissing on the 2nd date is text book. He should only be contacting you to arrange a date...once a week. Let me guess...he lets at least 5 days pass before contacting you for the next date? He opens doors for you? Treats you like a lady? Hey...if so...relax. This guy is a keeper. Just play along. Seriously, I'm very happy for you, and him.

    I promise he wants to call you and talk to you all day. But he's making himself not do it...which is likely killing him. Treat him very well. Don't get upset.

    He's trying to stand out against his competiion. You're right. He's different. I can tell you like it...but makes you very curious. Hope this helps. Best of luck!

    • @update. It would be better if you didn't text him except to agree to a date. Don't forget, if he sets up a date that won't work for you..MAKE SURE you make a detailed counteroffer.

    • Thank you! That's help a lot! :D

    • You're welcome!

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  • Because he knows what he's doing, this is tbh the most effective way for men to date.

    You're right, he doesn't have the passion to text you every day. He's got a full life and he's allowing you to try to catch his interest, but he's certainly not running after you.

    Most women don't like this, but seem to find it more attractive.


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  • if he likes you in person its enough

  • because he rather have connection in person than over text

  • well becasue guys don't really have an interest in texting and all that jazz.