Ladies, would you date a postal carrier or UPS/FedEx driver?

I've been considering going into one or the other, considering the fact that they both pay pretty well for jobs that don't require college degrees. But I'm wondering if that would be a turn-off in my dating pursuits. I'm 24 by the way.


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  • If you're happy with what you do then I wouldn't have a problem with it. The only time a guy's job is a problem to me is when it's making him really sad/unhappy because he hates it.

    • Thanks for BA.(:

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  • I'd date a UPS/FedEx driver. There are a lot of handsome ones who deliver to my job and they always have muscular calves haha

    plus they tend to have large packages ;) ...oh, the joys of puns.

  • sure. but I don't know if we'd last. generally, I dated people who went to college too, compatibility and whatnot... is there a reason why you didn't go?

    • I was made fun of a lot in Middle School and High School, and by the time I graduated my self-esteem was shot so bad that I had pretty severe social anxiety disorder. So I decided not to go. I've built up my self-esteem since then, but I don't really have the money to go anymore, I might be able to pull of Community College, but it would be difficult while working a full-time job to support myself.

    • well you've got a very legitimate reason. I think many girls would understand where you're coming from and would be accepting of that. I hope you one day do get to go to community college though. a degree opens so many doors :)

  • Yes

  • Fed Ex ups workers are HOT. Nice bodies from all that exercise. Id date you in a heartbeat. Even better to be able to role play in the bedroom and you can deliver me a package in your uniform. :)


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  • I would hope they don't mind dating a guy who is 25 and works at a grocery store, doesn't have a college degree, I'm enjoying my job there, love it, obviously have plans to move on up from minimum-wage

  • Girls should be happy if a guy has any kind of job in this crappy economy. If they have an issue with you being a mailcarrier, their loss.

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