My ex boyfriend texted me after 3months then he ignored me

So my ex boyfriend texted me on Monday night at around 10pm.. we have been broken up for like 3 months and have not texted nor spoken at all. I did not text him back until the next day on Tuesday.. when he texted me all he said was "hey you how ya been" when I texted back I texted with " hey you I've been pretty good and you" well since yesterday that I sent that text back he never responded back to me.. I'm curious to know why? what goes through a guys head? he texted me for what reason if when I texted back he did not respond? I know it was the next day but common.. about a month ago his best friend liked 2 of my pictures on instagram.. he is not following me nor am I following him and the pictures he liked were very old pictures.. I'm so confused..


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  • His friend liking photos is irrelevant, maybe he's just a douche bag, maybe he realized it was a stupid thing to do/he was drunk. Either way just let it die, it's too much stress over nothing.

    • thank you.. yeah I figured maybe he was drunk too.. but I will never know why he chose to text me to never respond.. things like that drive me nuts

    • Yeah that's why I hate texting, if he sent it late at night he was probably drunk, maybe he somehow expected more emotion from someone he hasn't seen in 3 months. Either way doesn't seem worth it.

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  • I have seen this before.

    I was in the gym a few months ago, when a fairly muscular man took a picture of his body and texted it to his ex girlfriend. She replied almost instantly saying do you want to talk.

    He replied no, look what your missing.

    It seems some men, get a power trip into thinking they can get their ex's back anytime they want.

    My advice is do nothing now and ignore future texts and move on.

    • yes I can totally hear you on that. I think in a way he wanted to see if I would still be around, maybe he was feeling lonely and now I feel like a total idiot for texting back but I was just being polite. Thank you for your advice

  • chances are, he was feeling lonely, horny or both and was probably looking for a hook up.

    the next day, when you answered, he was in a different mood, probably at work or whatever and pissed because it didn't work out last night.

    unless you want to end as his yo-yo-girl, don't' text back and move on.

    • Thank you so much.. your so right.. I guess I thought for a min that he actually missed me but I had a feeling this was just a booty text. I deleted his # and I'm never texting this ass back.. Just feel so stupid, should have never texted him back at all.. Thank you again

    • don't, it was OK to text him back.

      if you wouldn't have, you would think about what you missed out.

    • yeah very true.. at least now I have closure and can see he has not changed a bit.. he's still the douchbag I knew.. TY

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