Is being called cute a good thing or a polite way to let a girl down? (In all honesty people...)

Well I was kissing the guy I like while we were lying on his friend's couch together. We were cuddling each other tightly and lip kissing for about 5 hours straight. He's usually very quiet around me and doesn't say much at all (again, I don't know if that's a bad thing or not). He was kissing me at one point then stopped and we just looked into each others' eyes. He then said 'you're too cute' to which I politely smiled and told him he was cute too.

In all honesty I hate being called cute, it's what you'd call a puppy or something! I just don't know if this was a polite way of him letting me down though.

What do you think about the word cute?


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  • Are you flat out retarded ?

    He was kissing you , duh

    Damn it you girls think this is a bad thing. Being called cute is enduring and special. If you called you Baby , does that mean he thinks you shit yourself ? NOPE !

    Cute is probably the highest compliment you could receive. Not all women get that compliment because truth is their not cute.

    Cute means you are sweet, easy on the eyes, adorable.

    When I look at you my heart feels happiness.

    Why do you women ruin a good thing by thinking?

    • Cute to some sound like puppy

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    • hmmmm @@

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  • You gotta be kidding, you're kissing for hours, he calls you cute and you think he's letting you down? Come on now, he is totally into you!

  • Cute is a good thing. I've seen a few girls who were so cute it was sexy.

    there's a very rare combination of cute and sexy where it's not too much either way.

    • how can a cute girl be sexy at the same time though? they're total opposites!

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    • that's weird I actually look similar to the girl in the first picture! Dark hair, dark eyes.

    • well if that's the case you are a very good example of when cute can also be sexy.

  • Ask him to call you ugly next time? Fuck...

    One of the stupidest thing to complain about, I can't even imagine based on the circumstance how you think it's bad..

    • ok no problem :) oh and I wasn't complaining, I was inquiring, slight difference ;)

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    • b) showing the same kind of thing, either way to answer you're queston : he doesn't think you're a dog/toddler and it's meant in a good way.

    • Ok thanks, that's all I was wondering :) haha

  • That's a 100% good thing. Seriously, I completely assure you this.

    If you're a girl and you're being called cute, that's one of the best compliments you could get from a guy in my opinion.

    • Aww that's nice, makes me feel special now ^_^ most guys call me hot, so it was different being called cute!

    • Really? I've never called any girl hot before, but I've called some beautiful girls cute!

    • yeah but I live in a small town full of shallow guys unfortunately :( oh well that's nice to know! :)

  • what do I think?

    i agree with you. Highly dislike it. Doesn't sound right. Babies are cute, puppies are cute, a fat kid rolling down a snow hill having fun is cute

  • It's not intended as a letdown or as a putdown. Take it as a compliment.

  • i think any girl who gets mad from being called cute needs to chill the f*** out


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  • I don't think it's ever a bad thing pursue. I can understand how sometimes it feels condescending almost, like you're a little kid. But I think in this circumstance it was a very good thing! My boyfriend & I do stuff like that too. If you two end up dating, then maybe tell him how you feel about the word 'cute'. Or try telling him he's sexy or whatever & he'll likely use the same or a similar word for you.

    • It does! I'll try that, maybe he was just scared to be bold or something...haha.

  • No... it's a good thing

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