How to let a guy know you want to be taken on a date. Not hang out.

So I feel like chivalry is kind of dead these days. a lot of guys don't offer to take me out on a date. They just kind of always want me to "come over" or "stop by" for some reason. That is such a turnoff. If a guy wants to date me, he should come pick me up and take me on a proper date. Otherwise, I'll assume we're just friends even if I'm attracted to him. That is just how it works. I won't try to make any moves until he actually asks me out. That's how the girl knows that you want to take it to the next level.

Girls, how would you express to a guy that you want to be taken on a date (without actually telling him and seeming like you're entitle). Guys, what gives the go-ahead to ask her out on a date. Say she's already being flirty.


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  • Yea I'm inclined agree with the guy below me, but, as a guy who will just say look I'm taking you out on x day and why time, I found it still doesn't always signify a date. I asked to take a girl out (we'd known each other a few years,abit of history), take her out to me means date, not hang out as in friends and it initially seemed to go well, we arranged another date but she flaked she then turn the role around and told me we'd go out when she was next off work and now she's stopped texting me and no mention of going out again.

    Thats the result of asking someone out.

    but its kinda a mute point as it won't stop me from being direct like that with other girls and I guess here in the uk if someone asks to go out as just a pair, especially if you weren't friends or very close previous, then it is seen as a date.

    • If the guy picks me up and takes me someone and it's just me and him. It is a date. There is no mistaking that.

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    • To you, Not everyone is you as shown by this girl and your guys. Unfortunately so, dating would be easier.

    • Seeing as guys and girls really can't just be friends, then if a guy asked me out, it is automatically a date. Sorry about that one girl, it seems like you two just didn't have an chemistry

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  • That's how it works for you, but not other people. Honestly, chivalry is maybe not dead, but warped. Gender roles are diminishing and honestly, girls don't know what to do. Girls want to have a career, but also have kids, and a house, and so on. Can't do it all! Pick and choose.

    So honestly, unless you intend on being a stay at home mom/housewife, don't expect those kinds of dates because they only work for "old fashioned" guys who view marriage as a breadwinner/housewife scenario and most people know that dual incomes are pretty much how it works nowadays. What you're looking for is "old fashioned" but if you don't see it this way, it means you want the old fashioned benefits without the responsibilities that you will be faced with.

    Plus honestly, old fashioned dating is being viewed negatively by males now because so many guys have tried that approach not to even receive a "thank you for the date" call or text. So now guys are looking for women who take initiative and visibly display that they treat men the way they themselves wish to be treated. Guys want quality women.


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