Guys please- Are most guys awkward texters or is it just him?

ok so this may sound weird but ill do my best to explain.

I met this guy online and we have our first date this weekend. We've been texting because of school and he works at night and stuff. But he is such a strange texter! haha. He sends smiley faces, asks me a ton of questions. Maybe this isn't weird, but my ex never did any of this, so its throwing me off.

Guys- is this how you normally text a girl you like?


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  • Just interjecting as a girl's side "text point of view." When a guy even bothers to text, and asks you heaps and heaps of questions about yourself, sweetie, he is definitely Into you. So many guys today are what I call bad "text toms," where they won't even send out a message to see if you are still alive, and calling is next to null and void.

    No, normally tons of guys aren't all That when it comes to "sending out the next best thing," their message of "Hello," but along with the "smiley faces, also a rare "laughs and giggles," Isn't "weird" at all. In my phone book it's sweet and considerate. Great way to start this online romance.

    I tell many people today, that sometimes pushing a few buttons in search of Mr. or Ms. Right is another hand to play in the game of Love, and when dealt, there is sometimes doubt in their minds as to what "strange bedfellow" comes up.

    But looks as though you just may have hit the jackpot. He sounds like a winner and hopefully a---keeper.

    Good luck:))xx

    • Don't let this "throw you off, sweetie." He sounds attentive, and it's when They don't send anything your way, That in itself will---piss you off. Some guys, like your ex, never probably never even bothered at first to know the real you, but there are guys out there who Do what to know you before your---first date.xx

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  • I txt what I think and it all depends on person and his (personality) if person is just whatever you will get whatever txts if person is happy and silly you will get happy and silly txts you see what I'm saying. There is no standard in txting, it all depends on his personality. I'm sure you got used to your x txts and now you entered a different world with a different guy who expresses him self differently and that's why you are like wtf? is this normal. This is not just normal, this is reality lol

  • It depends on how the girl is with texting. I usually text only if I am really multitasking but don't mind it. Otherwise I really prefer scheduled talks on the phone(preferrably with a time frame in mind so it doesn't get overboard). I personally think texting causes too much miscommunication.

  • Mlle.,

    Most guys your age are awkward, period. LOL - the fact that he is asking you a "ton of questions" is a sure bet he likes you a lot.

    I don't text anyone. I write letters. LOL. I have a cell phone, but without my daughter, I have no idea how to use it for anything but to make phone calls. In my day, phones had tails.

  • Yeah I tend to communicate. I hear a lot of guys can be pretty quiet.


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