To text, or not to text? And the meaning of okie dokie

So I just got the guy I likes number. I got it through instant chat because that was our only sorce of contact other than school. My question is, when I said will text you so you can have my number he said okie dok. What dies that mean and when should I text him?

He has my number now but I was wondering when I should text him again


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  • Okie Dokie just means Okay, unless he randomly decided to reference a film from the 1980's... But yes it means you should message him, I can't really say much more than that.

    • Lol thx

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    • No problem, and you're very polite. :)

    • Ha thanks again

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  • You should text him, I don't think the okie dok meant anything special, just giving you the okay to text him


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