what does it mean when he compares me to his girlfriend?

yesterday on Skype for the first time he said "wow, just wow, you look exactly like my girlfriend" it was in an exciting tone, i guess you could say. earlier in the day he said i was more awesomer. does he like me more than his girlfriend? does he love two girls. is he planning on breaking up with her for me? is going to try to cheat? HELP!


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  • It would be most unfair of me to admit to anything, Nor speculate, but if he and you are on Skype "for the first time," and putting sweet Somethings in your ear, with cozy comparisons to his current cutie, then: He is starting to show real interest in you, and that he may very well end up thinking he can have his sweet ass cake and eat it too, by Not having to break up with her.
    It's your decision, but at this point in time, I would tell him Somewhere Face to Face, in your "not so excited tone," that you are not a home wrecker, nor a patsy, and you would like to set the record straight that it's friends with No benefits right now, until further notice.
    Even if he were to break it off with her, and being you Do remind him of Her, how can you ever be sure he won't ditch you and return to the original cookie? xx


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  • No not necessarily, to him it was probably a coincidence.

    • Or rather is was amusing seeing another girl look like his girl.

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