How far should you go on your first kiss?

So I'm going on a date (my first) with this guy this weekend. I've only known him for a few weeks but I like him and I know that he really likes me. I've never kissed anyone, so I am really worried about it. I was wondering:

1-- is a date considered bad if there's no kiss?

2-- will he know it's my first kiss (it's not his)?

3-- how far does one usually go with kissing on a first date (just a kiss, or making out)?


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  • 1-No! Hun, I actually just got done this past week on my first date with this new guy I like. We've known each other for about 8months now and just got to hang out with each other for the first time this past Saturday. We watched a scary movie, cuddles and held hands, it was amazing. But before I knew it I had to go, we didn't end up kissing, even though we really wanted to, but the date was perfectly fine without it!

    2- Honestly, he won't be able to tell, just DON'T stress over your first kiss, it will show and you will freeze up. Believe me I know! It's easy and just comes naturally unless you stress over it. It will be amazing though, I'm sure!

    3- I don't mind kissing on the first date, I've gone to making out before but it wasn't the best idea. I think the guys get a bit to excited and the hormones get to wild, so a nice cute kiss is great. But a make out should only happen if you are prepared for what MIGHT happen. Not all guys go further on the first date than a great kiss, but for some - an amazing passionate kiss might get their hopes to high.

    good luck, and have fun :]


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  • I'd agree to say that a quick kiss is probably the best. Inviting a guy inside on the first date (in order to pursue more 'devious' activities) doesn't rank too high on my list of good choices.

    1. The date certainly isn't bad if there's no kiss, I'm personally a fan of not rushing into things with a girl so if we both had a really good time that night and she'd prefer just a hug, that's fine with me.

    2. He probably won't have a clue unless you tell him. As its been said, there's no real science to it, and it should come natural to you unless your first instinct is to try and bite his lip off. Just relax and ease your way into it.

    3. Generally for a first date I'd say maybe a quick kiss here or there, maybe a bit of a lingering kiss if the fire is really there between you too. But a make out session I'd have to say would be 'abnormal


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  • 1. A date is by no means considered bad if there is no kiss usually the first kiss doesn't even happen till the third date.

    2. He won't know its your first kiss unless you think about it too hard or he's known from before

    3. On the first date its nice to keep it short and sweet but if you want to be adventurous go for making out. My first kiss was quite short but sweet and meaningful. And whatever you do don't worry about it I almost screwed up my first kiss by thinking way to hard and preparing just wing it! Its not hard I promise. It will leave you smiling :)

  • 1. Not having a kiss on the first date isn't a big deal. So if you don't get a kiss, don't think the date went bad. You'll know if the date went bad if the guy doesn't ask you out again, if he becomes more distant as the date progresses, and if you don't get a phone call in a few days.

    2. Unless you tell him you have never kissed, he probably won't know.

    3. It depends on the date, but I would say it's more classy to not invite the guy in on the first date, and let him just kiss you at the front door.

    P. S. Kissing isn't that difficult. It comes naturally, but if you think about it too much or try too hard that's when it becomes awkward. Just relax, you'll be fine. And don't worry about getting your first kiss, just have fun on the date! Good luck!

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