Girls: I haven't felt this way in a long time and think I might be falling for this girl... do you think she likes me back?

There's this girl (Jen)... seemed like there was a level of mutual interest. We started texting and wished each other good night, and she even mentioned to me that she showed her mother a video of me, so her mother knows who I am (that mean anything?). Since that point, she would come into class and look for me, and when she would talk to be seemed a bit nervous. For a day or so, however, it felt MORE awkward after we had texted.

The other day, I ended up running into her and having a FANTASTIC conversation that lasted for a long time, it was great, flowed so well, I was making her laugh and she was smiling, she liked what I was saying, we were connecting really really well... I had to go at some point and I could tell that she didn't want the conversation to end/didn't want me to leave, neither did I, and when I said goodbye she had a huge smile on her face and couldn't stop smiling. I felt SO good after talking to her.


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  • She sounds happy about the conversation which is good. Also yes, her mentioning that she showed her mother a video of you could also be a great sign. All in all I think there's a chance that she likes you back yes :)


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  • yes she's into you and you should ask her out so you guys can both be happy.

  • Telling mum, bit nervous, don't want you to leave.
    Sounds like she likes you a lot ;)


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