Are rain checks a polite rejection?

Woman that I have been dealing with (coffee meet-ups and drinks - which she initiated) then we hung out based on me asking - which she extended from just drinks to hanging out more and getting food has recently become less receptive to hanging out.

I asked her if she wanted to go out later, and told me she already had plans for that week, so I said no problem we'll see about the week after.

Texted her two weeks later and asked if she wanted to go out again, and got a reply two days later saying she's sorry for replying so late, but she's been busy with all her projects for her work for now, but hopes to be done with it all in a few weeks, and she'll take a rain check.

Should I assume she's now not interested anymore? I've left the ball in her court now by telling her to contact me when she's free and we'll try to set something up.


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  • In some cases, for your more passive-aggressive, slightly cowardly people, yes rain checks are polite rejection. But in many other cases, something sincerely came up. Things happen that can really prevent dates from occurring on that particular day.

    Based on your personal experience, her behavior could suggest disinterest. Yet, if you really care, it's always just best to ask. When I was 18, my behavior was just like hers; not because I wasn't interested but because I was painfully shy and had a slight case of social anxiety. I couldn't find it in myself to stop freaking out and just enjoy the guy's company so I kept making up excuses, but deep down I WAS CRAZY ABOUT HIM lol I couldn't wait to explore him in so many different ways. So yeah, you can't just assume she's not interested. This is one of those situations where you should just go ahead and straight out ask her. Just say "Be upfront with me, are you interested in dating me or not?" This way you can get closure and move on with your life. If she's a p*ssy and doesn't reply then she's not interested AND she's a coward; you can do better lol


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  • it sounds like she isn't that interested, but she really could be busy with work... but then again it doesn't take much time to text back a reply. like seriously you could do that while using the bathroom lol. you did good with telling her to contact you.

    • Ya two days seems a lot for anything really, especially when she used to initiate contact and would always reply really quickly.

  • Checkin for rain doesn't sound like she's trying to let you off easy.


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