Do guys really have a 3 day rule for texting a girl after meeting/hanging out?

I met a guy on Friday , we really hit it off. I sent him a pic of a joke we joked about Saturday night and he responded hahaha you would.

It is now Thursday and no contact from him at all? I'm not sure what the deal is. We spent all Friday /Saturday afternoon together. Could tell he was into me.

Is he just playing cool or maybe lost interest? I know he has a full time job and part time going to school for masters, so maybe he is busy? I don't know! HELP!

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  • No that's stupid, if I like someone I text them a lot... I don't care about rules or any of that junk.

    • I would assume! But I know some guys have! I am just interested and want to know more and hang with him! UGHHH I HATE GAMES

    • Ever considered messaging him first? I mean if you want to do something you should just do it instead of waiting for the other person. Although I kind of have to have that attitude as a guy, if you don't pursue your interest girls don't really do it themselves.

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  • yep, stupid rule.

    why aren't you contacting him then if you are bothered about it rather than waiting for him to contact you?

    • Well I sent him the picture Saturday night, and I felt like that was good in reaching out because I don't want to seem like a bother if he is busy! Like I'm interested but won't kill me if not.

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    • She's feel 'too easy'

    • typo: She'd feel 'too easy'

  • Only noobs do.

  • Only idiots do this. There's no point other than the fact women buy into this stupid game and get all flustered by it. If women acted like normal humans, we could all just interact in a relaxed manner without all of these bullshit games getting in the way. It just wastes time, confuses everyone and jeopardizes what could be great relationships.

    • IMHO, that kind of game was initiated by women who don't want to come over as easy. Guys ended up going with the game.

    • You could be right. Either way it needs to stop.

  • If I was interested I'd contact her. If I had to make up my mind about her I'd wait for her to contact me in some way.

  • Some chicks are hot like one week hot because then they just get plane and all that just stops.

    Some chicks are hot like HAWTTT. And all that is same for at least longer than two months.

    But mostly every "hotness" period ends within a time so it depends what kind of "Hot" are you. But no that rule doesn't apply to any guy.

    ...I tried answering this in most khesherthorpest way ever.

  • Clearly using PUA tactics. Haha You Would. = one liner that fakes a man 'knowing' a girl because it is universal and can be used on every girl.

    You made first contact = He is setting you up to chase. That is PUA tactic.

    I'd be interested to hear how this continues. I bet I could pin point more PUA tactics.

    Ditch the douche.

  • I never wait that long. I think it is a dumb rule that some guys follow because that's what they've heard they're supposed to do. In your case, it has been almost 5 days since talking to him. It is quite possible that he is just really busy and hasn't had time. It is also possible that he isn't as interested as you thought he was. I don't think it's a matter of him playing it cool at this point. Busy or not interested.


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  • Whoever does this to me, I just don't respond...
    He is childish and idiotic.
    Move on - to a MAN.

  • No guy has ever waited 3 days after getting my number. Mostly it's a little over 24 hours but it's never taken longer than 2 days.

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