9 Tips On How To Study Smart


If you want to acquire good grades in school you must be a person that is willing to go above and beyond to achieve greatness.

9 Tips on how to study smart

Important personality traits to have -

  • Dedication

  • Time

  • Effort

  • Discipline

If you're starting off already making excuses about why succeeding is so hard or difficult, you have to reset your mind.

You can do anything you put your mind to!

Thinking otherwise, allows you to be your own worse enemy because

you are standing in your own way.

Don't do it to yourself.

The excuses stop today!

9 Tips On How To Study Smart

Now that we have at least begun to scratch the surface, I will offer you some tips that worked well for me.

1. Start ahead of time. If you're particularly weak on a certain subject, it is advisable that you start studying this subject before hand that way you'll have a solid foundation when the course starts.

Example: It is summer time. You know you have to take Math in the fall. Start sharpening those skills beforehand, so you have a fair chance at a good start when classes do begin.

2. Do not procrastinate. Your test is three weeks away. This does not mean you should wait until the last moment to study. You are doing yourself a big injustice. Depending on the depth of the subject, this technique will not always work. It is not a reliable or an advisable method. Instead of waiting until the last moment to study, start from day one.

3. Break the reading up into chunks. If you have an overwhelming amount of reading to do, it's not advisable that you read everything all at once."Will all of this information soak in?" Is a question you should ask yourself. Do not add additional stress on yourself. Break your reading up into chunks.

Example: You were assigned to read 60 pages by the date of your test. Do not read all 60 pages in one day. Instead divide the number of pages into a practical amount for daily reading each day. Trust me, the information will absorb much quicker that way.

4. Create your own notes.

  • Re-write the notes in a simplier way which will be easier for you to understand.

  • Create mnemonics/acronyms to recall important information. (If you can't come up with your own, this is where the web comes in handy)----Search for them.

  • Provide yourself with helpful analogies - These are helpful in triggering your memory.

  • Carry them with you and glance at them when you find yourself having free time.

5. Test yourself.

  • If your book has questions at the back of it then answer them.

  • Create your own questions and answer them as well.

  • Browse the internet for practice tests, take them and grade yourself.

Do not get discouraged if you do not perform as well as you want.

They are "practice tests". You will become better at them as the knowledge soaks in.

The more tests you take, the more prepared you will be for the examination.

5. Browse the internet and study:

Quizlet web

Study stack

These sites help to quiz you with the information you are attempting to learn. Narrow your search down (on these websites) to what you want. You will find hundreds of different quizzes/index cards on the subject you are studying. This will help to prepare you.

Another great website is,

YouTube web

There are amazing people on youtube that will help you understand the subject you are studying. Some of these members have countless videos on their channel, which will help you as you are constantly introduced to a new topic throughout course you are in.

6. Story tell - Ask yourself a question from the pages you have just read, and answer it out loud like you are giving a presentation. I have learned saying things out loud, further triggers my memory.

7. Repetition - Keep going over and over the same topic until it is time to take the test. The more you do it, the easier it becomes.

Studying alone doesn't work for every one. Some people need to grab a hand along the way. If you're that type of person this leads me to.....

8. Form a study group. If you feel that you need help then this type of group is ideal for you. Your study mates may be able to boost your confidence and push you towards success.

9. Find a tutor. If you find yourself struggling in the subject that you are trying to learn. Reach out for help. Do what you have to do to pass the course!

At times you may feel stressed or overwhelmed,

But in the end, when you get the grade you thoroughly worked for,

it would have been well worth it!

9 Tips On How To Study Smart

9 Tips On How To Study Smart
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