How To Become Smarter


How To Become Smarter

Be smarter about your online time

Every online break doesn't have to be about checking social networks and fulfilling your daily quota of cute animal pics. The Web is also full of great learning resources, like online courses, intriguing TED talks, and vocabulary-building tools for instance. So try replacing a few minutes of cute cats with something more mentally nourishing.

Write down what you learn

It doesn't have to be pretty or long, but taking a few minutes each day to reflect in writing about what you learned is sure to boost your brainpower. Aim to write 400 words a day on something that you learned so you know you understand it.

How To Become Smarter

Have smart friends

It can be rough on your self-esteem, but hanging out with folks who are smarter than you is one of the fastest ways to learn.

Read a lot

Reading is definitely essential. Opinions vary on what's the best brain-boosting reading material, but everyone seems to agree that quantity is important than quality. Read a lot.

How To Become Smarter

Explain it to others

This goes hand in hand with writing down what you learn because it helps you understand what you've learned and seal it in your mind. Make sure you've really learned what you think you have learned and that the information is truly stuck in your memory by trying to teach it to others. For everything you learn stay with it for as long as it takes you to be able to explain it to someone else. It's fairly easy to learn new information but being able to retain what you've learned and teach others is MUCH more valuable.

Do random new things

You never know what will be useful in the future. You just need to try new things and wait to see how they connect with other experiences later on. You can't always see how the dots will connect when you're looking ahead so in order to help the dots connect, you need to be willing to try new things, even if they don't seem useful or productive right away.

How To Become Smarter

Learn a new language

You don't need to become fluent or run off to a foreign country to master a language. You can work away steadily from the comfort of your home and still gain the mental plunders.

Take some downtime

Give yourself space for your brain to process what it's learned, sit in silence. Spend some time just thinking, pause the interior chatter and just focus on one thing.

How To Become Smarter

Find Your Passion

Following your passion enhances your memory and creativity. We can now gain a more colourful array of information and have far more unexpected encounters with knowledge and people, which will provoke an increase in creativity. If you want to increase creativity you have to genuinely take on knowledge; it is mandatory to really grapple with the material you are interested in to become more creative.

You need to have moments where you can think without being distracted and do more idea generation (which is a great way to understand what you're thinking about). Even arguing about things through email is a great way to get things to sink into your head. So start thinking over the stuff you care about. If you like cars or planes think about the physics behind how they work; if you like art, think about what makes a great painting.



How To Become Smarter
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Paris13
    Beautifully Done, hun.
    I feel as well, that with Years of Experience, it Makes One, hun, Wiser and a Bit Brighter, along with Taking the Time to Do as you Write Here, dear.
    Thank you for the Kind Invite. xx
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    • RedRobin

      Thanks for reading :)

    • Paris13

      Oh, so welcome, hun!! I was away for those 5 days during Thanksgiving Time, and came back home to a lot of notifications. I just now got to yours. xx

    • Paris13

      Thank you so much, @RedRobin, for your own Vote of Confidence in me , and Keep up the Great work. xx

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Most Helpful Guy

  • TripleAce
    Great tips... do we have to write using a pen or digital? 😛 cause if pen that gives me an awesome excuse to buy myself a great writting pen...
    Is this still revelant?
    • RedRobin

      I assume in pen because when you write in pen it forces you to focus on what your actually writing.

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  • levantine99
    true. you have to have friends that uplift, not hold you back. put pride aside, you should be happy hanging around intelligent people. also your diet, exercise and lifestyle helps for mental clarity.
    also we should seek wisdom, not just conventional utiliterian "smarts"... .
  • JuicyBrain
    I agree with you. This is all pretty much what I do. Though I don't write 400 words a day. I have found by myself that explaining something to someone else does actually help you understand it much better. It really works. I have learned tons by doing pretty much what's in this mytake.
  • Luci92
    These are all great points.
    I can personally endorse the fact that reading helps, I find that my use of language and vocabulary has become a lot wider (although I almsot never use those words on here :P ).
    Good take!
  • capturemyheartnow
    Learning new things , writing them down and discussing it with smart friends , creating ideas and giving your mind the capacity to assimilate together all previous knowledge into making it permanent and enabling yourself to access and use this knowledge whenever required is important to be considered super-smart.
  • 10dsw
    Learn a programming language like Python, Java, or C++
    • RedRobin

      I already know Java and know a very very small amount of Python and C++ :). Do you code too?

    • 10dsw

      Yep but not as a job. I'm actually a chemistry graduate student =P

    • RedRobin

      Oh, that's cool. I've just graduated and looking for a programming job. What can you do with chemistry?

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  • Jesenia
    Well, even I'm a sportswoman, I study Physics, practice meditation, do yoga-Asana, love painting and playing musical instruments (guitar, organ and piano) in my spare time.
    But I think being smart and becoming smarter is a different thing. Everyone has their limits but also have many potential to improve. Despite reading more and learning more, being healthy is also the point. If you are healthy, your limits on improving consciousness increase. Eat healthy, sleep well, do sports which you like the most with a weekly program, be social and learn different cultures, practice meditation,... etc. you'll see your potential for sure.
    Being smart is not only about having an high IQ but also EQ and SQ (emotional and spiritual) When you combine them, you'll be at your top limits. Also you can increase your limits by both. And it's fun.
    But after, you feel like you don't belong to this century lol :))
  • colourz
    Intelligence isn't something you can obtain or gain over time, intelligence is a birthright.
    • galblue183

      True, intelligence can be genetic however I further argue that it is dependent on one's environment. Also maybe check your use of language:
      Birthright: a particular right of possession or privilege a person has from birth, especially as an eldest son. So basically you are saying that intelligence which is the ability to ACQUIRE and apply knowledge and skills is something that is passed on like a royal crown is.

      I am sorry but you need to know what a dictionary actually is before you define something that you obviously know nothing about.

      ps. Acquire means to learn or develop (a skill, habit, or quality), synonymous to OBTAIN.

    • colourz

      @galblue183 but i just always wanted to use that word, it sounds so cool to say. :(

      A person's environment has nothing to do with intelligence. Either you're born smart or you're not.

    • colourz

      and thanks for pointing out the birthright thing again. hope it made you feel a bit smarter.

      I had this on my mind at the time

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  • Rawrzz
    I'm plenty smart. I just can't remember shit. I would also add Coursera. Free college classes, online. You can learn practical and desirable skills on there, completely for free.
  • BrighteyedAsh
    These all definitely make sense! As someone who loves learning these are all things that have very naturally made their way into my routine without trying. :D
  • OrdinaryGentleman
    I need to read more for enjoyment... right now it's only reading for school and work :/
    • RedRobin

      I know what you mean, school readings can be so tedious and boring.

    • I mean i like what i read, but i wanna read some sort of fantasy... get back to my old self, some 12 odd years ago. Something not required for school.
      Some sort of adventure fantasy.
      I do have Inheritance, which is part of the eragon series but when i picked it up i feel as though i had outgrown it.

    • At least the writing style seemed all too Juvenile for me.

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  • Cowboy6666
    You will be smart automatically ;). 😏💕
  • coolbreeze
    Great mytake and very good points. Boosting. brain power and keeping the brain busy is so important.
  • archiz
    yea those are my guidelines as well
    But I don t follow them true as I should
  • DiegoO
    You can´t be smarter, what´s posible is to make the best of your IQ.
  • mostwomenshouldstfu
    Don't learn a new language unless you have to. English is as efficient as it gets for now.
  • SnowHearth
    I agree.
  • legalboxers
    and stay away from people who lower your IQ
  • bruce3
  • Adigelunar
    great onee
  • MissSakura
    thanks for ur advice