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How To Study More Productively

How To Study More Productively


Hello everyone! This is your writer @Apulu_Imback and today, I have bought you an informative mytake after so long.

This mytake is directed more towards students however working adults may also find it helpful so keep reading! Here, I will be sharing study tips with reference to my experience during the final exams and the secrets of the topper of your class. I hope you enjoy this. Happy reading!

How I dealt with my final exams

Well, here I'm talking about final exams of high school first year or 9th grade. This year I didn't really perform well and my overall percentage in periodic tests and half yearly exam flickered between 80-85% which is considered poor, at least in my family and school. I focused more on music and writing and I do not regret doing that because things are now easy for me in those fields but, deep inside I'm still a student who wants to secure high grades and is passionate towards studies. I know that my future career doesn't require high school education but there's nothing wrong in completing my role and responsibility as a student, right? If you focus more on studies then you won't only get information (which may or may not be useful for you in future but it won't harm if you increase your IQ level. It'll only do you good!) but you will also learn self-discipline, self-control and having paitence.

I started my preparation a month before the final exams which is extremely short time considering the fact that I was extremely poor in maths and science, high grades in language subjects, history, geography, civics and economics managed to maintain my percentage above 80%. However, I'm somewhat of a workaholic, got that from my dad. I studied continuously for hours and ate only oats for the dinner so that I don't have to get up from my study table and waste few minutes in eating. My results will be out day after tomorrow and it's confirmed that I'll get 90% above this time but I hope that it's 95% above.

Here are few tips which helped me kick start a new journey a month before my exams and I am sure few of them will be helpful for you for sure so stay tuned!

Important Tips And Tricks For Studying

1. Neat Study Environment

Picture 1
Picture 1

So this is my study table. Yes it may seem clumsy but it's actually neat and clean, it's just that I couldn't find a better position to take a pic from my heavy tab. This picture was taken few months back when I was preparing for the exams. I could not take a full picture of my complete study table.

However, my main point here is keep your table or environment the way you want. For me, I'm a fan of aesthetics so I decided to customise my table with purple coloured things because many of my stationaries are of purple colour and it's probably the only colour which can suit well to this mundane blue of the table. There's a unicorn pencil box of purple. The bottle is purple. The chocolate packaging is purple. The novel is pink and blue and the poetry book (which is written by me by the way!) is of blue colour.

The environment in which you're studying should be peaceful and calm. Sometimes when my mom works in the kitchen (which is beside the room) then I put on some piano music loudly so that it would cover up all the noise coming from the kitchen. You should NOT GET SICK of your study environment otherwise it'll stress your mind and you'll be distracted by useless things easily. You should like your study table and if you don't then customise it according to your liking immediately!

2. Relieving Stress

How To Study More Productively

No matter how much you love studying or how nerdy you are, stress due to long hours of work is inevitable. You can not proceed properly without removing this stress. Working with stress is waste of time because you won't understand a single thing you read or write and it's also waste of energy as all your energy is drained from the anger. It is important to remove stress.

Scroll up to Picture 1, did you notice a panda, a dog and a bottle of lotion (pink one)? They are my stress relivers. The Panda and dog are cute and appealing to eyes so they soothe out the irritating stress of maths equations. Sometimes during studies I get stressed to this point that I feel like a stupid and unworthy student with no hopeful future because I can't understand a simple concept. When things become so extreme then I start massaging my fingers and face with the lotion. It works just like oil works for a machine to function smoothly.

You can try squeezing a plushie, hugging your pet or your loved one or find your ways to soothing that machine in your head. You need oil for it to function well without the stress of jamming.

3. Don't Want To Study? Then Don't!

How To Study More Productively

Don't want to study? Then don't! Don't push yourself when your mind is feeling full. Take a break and continue! My dad said me this thing. I can promise you the best results only if you don't make this as an excuse for your bad habit of procrastination.

Don't blame me later on if this doesn't work for you because this is bound to work unless you are procrastinating. This tip was extremely useful for me and I'll continue following this for my whole life. Few of you might think this is somewhat similar to Point no. 2 but in this case you're not stressed, you're just exhausted. This is the reason many study vloggers suggest taking a break time to time but you are the one who needs to find out that for how much long you can study restlessly before getting exhausted.

If you push your mind, then it's a waste of time and energy again. You're just stressing yourself and later on you'll be like I hate studies! It's not studies, it's the way you study. Ever wondered how that one kid of class who doesn't study for long hours manages to score the highest marks in the classroom? It's because that kid studies productively and doesn't pushes his/her mind.

4. Make Notes

How To Study More Productively

Making notes is the most important thing in studies yet the most ignored one. Say your physics teacher made an important point and told the students to remember it, the topper kid doesn't remember it, he/she notes it down unlike the rest others. Make two notebooks, a rough notebook and the official subject notebook. Scribble down the important points from class or lectures in the rough notebook and write it neatly in the official subject notebook.

Make your own notes too. Read the chapter once completely with concentration and understand the concepts. Then again read the chapter, this time while making notes. This way you can understand the concept better because you read the chapter twice and wrote it in your language and writing style which you understand better.

Picture 2: My chemistry notes of high school second year
Picture 2: My chemistry notes of high school second year

See my notes, yes the handwriting is not very beautiful but enough to understand. Your writing need not be beautiful, it should be neat and understandable. You may use highlighters and sketch pens to make your notes colourful and appealing. Personally I prefer my book to be coloured with highlighters and my notes to be plain. You can customise your notes according to your preference.

•A small tip! It's not under this point but whenever you study, study as if you're being recorded like those 'study with me' vloggers. It helps you concentrate better and romanticise your study habits.

5. Course Book Is Bible!

How To Study More Productively

That's what every high school teacher in my school said aloud in first day of 9th grade, that BOOK IS BIBLE! Your course books are extremely vital. Direct and indirect questions come from your course books in exams and national exams. Some kids don't study from their course books and make these kind of stupid memes 🤦🏻‍♀️

How To Study More Productively
How To Study More Productively

Everything is there in book! That topper student of your class reads the same book. You may use reference book for better understanding and view study materials online but course books are bible and you're supposed to give all your main focus in these course books and refer to study materials and reference books which are strictly based on your course book.

6. Start Completing Your Course Before The Session

How To Study More Productively

That's what I'm doing now. Scroll up to picture 2 and read it's caption. For me, my weakest subject is science. I'm working on completing the science course of high school second year or 10th grade before the session starts in 10th April by self studying. There are total 16 chapters and it'll take me 20 days to complete everything with the aim to complete one chapter everyday. And yes, I'm sure I'll do it because I'm successfully accomplishing my everyday aim. I borrowed the book from a 10th grade senior who will go to 11th grade. He's my cousin's junior so my cousin borrowed it from him as I requested him to.

The main point here is, work on completing the course of your weakest subject before the session starts so that you can do multiple revisions the whole session and get extremely high or even full marks! Don't worry it's easy! Especially if you are a book worm like me who loves reading.

7. Go Ahead The Teacher/Lecturer

How To Study More Productively

This is similar to the previous point but this applies to all subjects, complete the chapters or units before they teach it in your class or before your teacher completes it. Say today your history teachers started Russian revolution and it'll take her 6 classes to complete the chapter. Go ahead of her and complete the chapter from the first class or at least before the teacher completes it. Your notes, question and answers, book highlighting, everything should be completed by the time the teacher closes the chapter.

Many students make a mistake by promising themselves that they'll complete the chapter along with the teacher but they couldn't keep up with the teacher's pace because there are many other subjects to focus on too. This gives you another excuse to complete few chapters of every subject before the session starts so that you'll be prepared with everything during the classes and the classes will be like a thorough revision for you.

8. Find Out Your Study-Strength

How To Study More Productively

By 'Study-Strength' I mean the studying aspect where you're excellent. For example, I'm extremely well in understanding conceptual things (the reason why my language, history, civics, economics, geography and biology is strong). My best friend is extremely well in memorising boring things like the Periodic table and Multiplication table.

Find your study strength and use them to your advantage. Like I'm good in understanding things and I only remember the things I understand. If I view equational subjects like Chemistry, Physics and maths in conceptual way then it becomes a piece of cake for me. I can do that by reading the theory part which creates the formula or equation or reading the formula explanation. If I understand it's reasoning and theory then I can easily relate it to the formula and understand it well too.

9. Don't Cheat Yourself

How To Study More Productively

There's this friend of mine who went to two coaching centres plus had extra classes in school because of less marks. Turns out that she failed in Science, Maths and SST (history, geography, civics and economics). She is giving re-tests now. How come? you may think. That's because she cheated herself. I never went to coaching centres until I got a bit low marks in half yearly (80.38%) which I accept was lack of concentration and confidence from my side (my parents thought I needed some guidance but after getting low grades I understood how to really study, one reason I'm sharing this mytake) but still if I gave my fullest in studies that time then I would have scored well even without coaching or tution centres. Now also, I prioritise self-study, coaching centre is good too because they give a lot of practice questions and all the classes their are like my revision. I don't have any personal tutor, nor do my parents give attention to my studying pattern (they observe my studies from my marks and the amount of time I study). No coaching centre or tution centre can save you from failing if you aren't sincere to yourself.

10. Listen to soft music

Like listening music while working? You like the good thing.

Like listening to rap songs or pop and hip pop? Well, try to change it to soft instrumental music without beats and drums.

Personally, I prefer the piano playlist attached above while studying. I listened this playlist most of the time while studying. You need to make sure that you're not listening to EDM music or songs with beats because you're supposed to concentrate more in studies, not in vibing with the music!

Soft lyric-less instrumental music is ideal and should be your only option. Beside that, you may choose the instrument to your liking. I prefer piano as a pianist. Soft music gives your mind a platform to work on without getting disturbed by useless thoughts. Your mind can never be empty, soft music replaces the thoughts and gives your mind a stable hold or work properly. If you want to listen piano music then I suggest pianists like Yiruma and Ludovico Einaudi who make heart-touching and motivating compositions and YouTubers like DooPiano (it's her/his video above!) who are masters in creating hours long soft piano playlist.

This advice may not work for everyone though. Try this out once but if this doesn't work for you then abort this idea.

11. Don't stop doing things you have passion for

How To Study More Productively

Yes, high school studies are tough (I'm assuming all students here are in high school currently or in college and universities) but don't stop doing things you're passionate for. By this mytake it may seem like I study all day and I'm passionate ONLY for studying but it is NOT THE CASE at all. I'm more passionate for music and writing than I'm for studies. With proper time management and schedule, you can enjoy your life with your passion, studies and interests. Look at me, I'm spending my time on writing this mytake because I have passion for sharing my thoughts as a writer. I am going to play piano after this and then I'm going to read a novel and then I'm going to work on my book manuscript and novel. I'm doing so many things beside studying and yet I'm studying well. Studying doesn't means sacrificing everything and burning up your mind for studies. It's simply a good habit which teaches you self discipline, self control and paitence and gives you some informative knowledge as well.

My Study Plan

You might be wondering about my study plans by now. 'Ah this girl is behaving as if she knows everything, does she even follow half of these?' that's what you must be thinking. And here is your answer.

To begin with, Maths and science are my weakest subject. I'm planning to complete my science course as I mentioned before. I'm purely studying science nowadays ONLY. Maths is comparatively easier than science to me so I'll work on it constantly as soon as I complete my science course. SST is easy for me so I'll work on it after the session starts. Language subjects are like a piece of cake for me in which I can bring full marks by only studying 3 days before test or exam.

Well I'll only give out this much of my plan, study plans should be a secret! Create your own plans!


I'll end this mytake here with the message 'When you study, study books like a topper. When you enjoy, enjoy life like a child.'

How To Study More Productively
How To Study More Productively

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How To Study More Productively
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