5 Disadvantages Of Being Really Smart


The majority of people on here like to think that they are of above average intelligence. However, according to multiple studies, being a genius is not all fun and games. I decided to put together some of the most common things wannabe Einsteins might struggle with and complain about.

5 Disadvantages Of Being Really Smart

1. You are expected to excel at everything

If you have a high IQ, nobody really cares if you think you suck at something. People sometimes tend to dismiss your fears and complaints, and say something like "Oh come on, you're smart, obviously you're gonna pass that test." They don't even consider the fact that you need more than intelligence to peform well at school or work, like determination, discipline, resourcefulness etc. Furthermore, people are dissappointed in smart people who fail. As surprising as it seems, even brilliant people stumble sometimes. The fear of letting down the people they care about can often drive them to be insecure and less risk-taking.

5 Disadvantages Of Being Really Smart

2. You might seem like a stuck-up smartass

People sometimes say things that are so wrong they make you cringe. Not surprisingly, the more you know and the smarter you are, the more this happens to you. It can be really difficult to surpress the urge correct these sometimes really bullshit claims. And nobody likes to be corrected, ever. Especially multiple times in a short time span.

5 Disadvantages Of Being Really Smart

3. Brain > Heart

People with a high IQ and substantial knowledge often think in a rather logical manner. It is not uncommon for them to favor to listen to their brains' logical reasoning, rather than doing what they would prefer to do feelingd-wise. This can be a problem, because even though a situation might be solved reasonably, the emotional response is still stuck inside, and a very logical person might find it diffult to express.

5 Disadvantages Of Being Really Smart

4. You don't know what hard work is

Now this doesn't apply to everyone, obviously. However, highly intelligent people ofte get by with much less effort than people of average intellect. This is especially visible the earlier stages of life, where intelligence can substitute for hard work. However, in university for example, ingenuity is often not enough. This might cause very smart people to struggle, since they might have never learned and appreciated hard work before. It can come as a big surprise that suddenly, they can't simply rely on their brain and need to put effort in to succeed.

5 Disadvantages Of Being Really Smart

5. Higher probability of acquiring a mental ilness

People regarted as intelectually superior have a greater chance of suffering from a mental illness, mainly depression. There have been many studies that suggest it, and it has been looked into since the ancient Greek era. Intelligent people are often quite socially withdrawn, which can amplify their depressive tendecies. Also, it's arguable that their more profound understanding of the world and it's problems can cause a grim outlook on life.

5 Disadvantages Of Being Really Smart

I'm by no means saying that being smart sucks. It clearly comes with a lot of benefits. I just wanted to illustrate that it has it's downsides as well. Also, every person is different. You might have an IQ of 160 and none of the things I mentioned apply to you. Or you might be intellectually average and be depressed.

5 Disadvantages Of Being Really Smart
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  • redeyemindtricks
    No. 4 is suuuuuch a thing.

    I've NEVER met an American with genius-level intellect who has ever spoken a language other than English fluently (and I've met plenty of Americans with genius-level intellects).

    They are simply not willing to put in the time for all the boring repetition, all the memorization of words (especially nouns for everyday objects, which don't tend to follow any patterns at all), and all the WORK.


    More generally -- if someone has genius intellect **and makes the mistake of thinking this is actually one of the more important things in life**, then, that person is pretty much fucked.
    Absolute guarantee of lack of life success, right there. Not to mention personal unhappiness.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • meowcow
    There are no disadvantages, only tradeoffs.

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  • Waffles731
    I've got to add something to five/one
    As someone who is really smart yet has depression the fact that you are expect to excel at everything combined with the fact that no one can means that you feel even more worthless
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    • JulieXO

      That's very true, thank you for pointing it out :)

  • normalice
    also, smart people tend to know exactly how dumb they are. They don't even get to experience the bliss of ignorance..
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  • AbleLearner
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    I know a nuclear chain reaction which produces the reagents required to produce another chain reaction that big.

    If I know this, from doing the calculations my self, and I don't have Top Secret clearance, I KNOW people who actually worked on "designing" the Hydrogen Bomb know how this works. They have even attempted to replicate it during the Cold War to make even bigger nuclear weapons, AND they may well have been successful.

    A bomb which passed a threshold of achieving anti-matter synthesis would be around 100 times as powerful as a hydrogen bomb which didn't quite get past that threshold.

    The Russians tested a Tsar Bomba prototype with half it's intended nuclear charge, and it scared the hell out of them so badly they ended the program.

    They know the real Crab Nebula reaction is an anti-matter synthesis reaction. They aren't going to acknowledge that, but it is definitely the equivalent of an anti-matter synthesis reaction, because nothing else known in physics can produce that much energy.
  • NyomiMcClinton
    I will be the first to tell you that I am not "above" anyone else. I have weakness and strengths. No human has all the answers. They may be book smart in one thing and not knowledagable in something else. I can't stand people who think they know it all. They will appear to know it all, but its obvious they are pretending. I respect those who appear genuine. I can always tell when someone is pretending to be smart.
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  • Telekinetic-Potato
    You sound like a moron. Every time someone tells me their smart, they sound like someone trying to act like their smart and then says stupid shit.

    Maybe you feel like you have more common sense, or like you are more knowledgeable than the people you end up surrounded by but pretty much everything here sounds like it was written by someone who hasn't come to terms with the fact that their not as smart as they thought they were.

    by the way has it ever occurred to you that the reason there are such high expectations on you is because you have such a high opinion of yourself?
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    • JulieXO

      Why the hate :D I don't consider myself to be a genius, I might be slightly above average but that's about it. I've got a lot of the stuff I wrote online or from what other people said to me, I myself am only familiar with number 4.

    • I'm smart. I have nothing to prove that I'm really smart because I know I'll be just wasting my time. See? I'm smart.

    • I take back what I said in so far as how it was directed towards you then. But the overall point I stand by.

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  • FallOutBoy2001
    I wrote a take a while ago, I agree with everything you said. www.girlsaskguys.com/.../a27693-living-life-with-high-intelligence-not-all-it-s-cracked-up-to-be
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  • spuitkaas
    I read a news article a few days ago about jobless gifted people. Apparently gifted people don't get a job very easily, since they don't really care about diploma's and are not always great in working together. I've had friends who were highly intelligent and had at least an iQ of 140 and they've always struggled with depression and addiction. I'm not highly intelligent, but already have the first problem a bit if I tell people I study neuroscience at the University.
    Are you highly intelligent Mytake owner?
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    • JulieXO

      No, I think I might be slightly above average but nothing extreme. I have an IQ of around 135, but I only experienced the last two of the things I described. I got the rest online or from very smart friends of mine.

  • rjroy3
    I've yet to meet someone that was legitimately a genius who took time to complain about the woes of having their intellect. The complaints they have tend to be in the areas they don't excel. Like one specific subject such as a foreign language or being inferior physically and or with the opposite sex.

    The only people that seem to complain about the woes of being smart tend to be smartasses who aren't all that intelligent or people that are just smart enough to not be considered average.
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    This is precisely why as a borderline genius I prefer to associate with underachievers, because I feel like there is less pressure to succeed. More than that, I've learned to refrain from talking about things I know a lot about for fear of coming off as a pretentious, know it all dick to everyone else.
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    • show me your friends to tell you who you are... .

    • "pretending to be dumb" isn't going to help you.

      I went through a phase when I was about your age where I just quit doing "smart" things because people always complained about it.

      Let them complain.

      I'll also point out that College Math and Science courses are specifically designed to fail people with my learning style. They test useless things such as problems which never occur in nature, or memorizing who said what and when they were born/died, instead of the real world problem solving.

      I can do the equations of Relativity on my own time, but I can't pass the course at college because the idiotic professor writes a 50 question test in a physics class.

      My (very sick) WAIS I. Q. was 134 about 3 years ago.

      My MENSA I. Q. was 145 +/- 11 about a month ago when I re-tested.

      I have proven that Relativity is always a Vector Space violation, and have self published on Amazon. Search, "Emergent Vector Space Violation and Missing Dark Matter".

      E=mc^2 is approximately correct, however.

    • My neighbor and I once devised a turn one win in Axis and Allies against a 36ACT score earner.

      We never played Axis and Allies again after that. This happened 16 years ago.

      Geniuses are not rewarded in the conventional employment system.

      I am worth a million dollars per day in more than one field, if I could find someone intelligent enough to recognize my skills, but I struggle to get an employer to give me a real opportunity to do anything.

      About 8 years ago, I wrote specifications for making an artificial intelligence which makes the Terminator or Commander Data look like play toys. The administrator of that sight, as well as a PhD holder in Computer Science agreed that it would work. Then I asked the question of whether it was ethical to create such a being, seeing as how there would be conflicts of interest of rights and risk of total annihilation of humans.

      The administrator took it down after that. He did the right thing.

      The specifications will go to the grave with me.

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  • archiz
    not that I am really smart
    but I ve always managed with little work
    univ was a slap in the face in my first 2 years
    especially in architecture were the model isn t going to be finished by itself lol
    so number 4 is so true
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    • But I *like* being slapped in the face.:*

    • archiz

      @redeyemindtricks you re so bad woman XD

    • Mwah.

      Ooh I LOVE that shirt you have on in yr current profile pic. Demi crop + off shoulders + long sleeves? Yes pleaseeee

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  • FakeName123
    There are a few problems and things I want to add.

    - Smartness doesn't equal smartness. Booksmarts and such doesn't necessarily make someone necessarily grasp certain aspects better. For example just because some aces math and spatial thinking doesn't mean he is as capable understanding certain aspects in politics or sociology.

    - Statistically people with high IQ aren't any more successful in life occupation wise.

    - IQ-Tests are very limited in the kind of intelligence they display.
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  • Tarvold
    <3 #4! So true!

    I'll add one more to your list though. When you're truly smart, the world feels like sharing a house with a bunch of 5 year olds and all their decisions and ideas carry the same weight as yours.
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  • BrighteyedAsh
    3 and 4 are tough ones! I made the extra effort to overcome them... by using that same intelligence in both areas and used it to develop my emotional intelligence and mental stability since they were still priorities for me.
  • gobsmacked3
    I think the real definition of intelligence is admitting there is no accurate measure for it. It is arguably Life most ambiguous term

    In keeping with this, it is always wise to embrace the Socratic take on it:

    ' The wise man/woman is the one who admits they know nothing...'

    With this, one always evolves by being open to greater and more lateral teachings/knowledge
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  • DiegoO
    The IQ is only the expression of one type of inteligence, there are several types, like the emotional inteligence, among others. Somone can have a very high IQ and still have a low emotional inteligence.
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  • Luci92
    Very good take.
    Honestly, I'd rather have high social intelligence over intellectual intelligence any day.
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  • bente2
    Have experienced all of these/am experiencing them, and I am above average in standardized testing. Good take!
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    • Dog19

      I disagree

    • 100% spot on. it takes a genius do detect another.

  • Cosytoasty
    Nice take. Bill gates and Steve Jobs were both college drop-outs.

    Being wickedly charming (or even manipulative) and hiding your intelligence is the recipe for success at life.
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  • WalterRadio
    When I was about 15 years old, my dad sat me down to have the talk. No, not about birds and bees, but that I shouldn't talk in a way to make adults feel stupid around me. He was right. Extremely intelligent people have to learn how to throttle their conversations so the other participants feel like they are contributing. That often means letting ordinary people say stupid, wrong things and not challenge it.

    The hard work aspect is something to build on. Not long after I began my professional career as a well paid engineer, I noticed that there were people who were not as intelligent as I was, but were making a whole lot more money. What they all had in common was that they were willing to work extremely hard and take business risks. Although I worked very hard at an extremely difficult university to get my BS, applying that same ethic and business risk taking led to making it into the big time. This is a formula others can use for their own success.
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