Why Making And Keeping Goals Is So Important


Why Making And Keeping Goals Is So Important

These days teenagers are more susceptible of dropping out of high school, and not doing any further schooling, however what I'm about to reveal for the most part is why keeping goals in our life is so very important.

Let me tell you my story.

By the time I was in 7th grade I wanted love and I wanted to be in it. My mother was a deadbeat, who left and was into drugs, so I only had a father to really care for me. Of course, before I reached 7th grade I was molested as a little girl and I guess from that point on, it was understandable why I wanted love. I found love- but it broke my heart and by 9th grade I struggled in school. I had to get an IEP, I had a learning disability. So, school was of no importance any longer. My social anxiety made me fear being judged everyday. So, I started to skip school and because my heart was broken, it led me into depression. This depression turned me into something I would never in my life be able to handle. I was that girl with the hair over her eye, shy, who cut, and who almost comitted sucide. Since then I have been much better and I can only tell you why.

I discovered my true self. At 17 I was pregnant, and had a child. 2013 left me completely depressed. And by 2014 I couldn't even look at myself in the mirror. However, then I realized that I needed to be an adult, so I want to GED class in hopes of accomplishing and getting at least that because I dropped out of high school. I did manage however to start setting goals for myself and I did.

Why Making And Keeping Goals Is So Important

I went to GED class every day and my learning was starting to improve. I was so excited! In that time, I also managed to get myself into an apartment, and get my permit and my first job. However, I couldn't do this alone. So my fiancee's mother helped us out to the max. She started paying for bills, and was a complete blessing. Whom her son, who taught me my true self and helped me through my struggles. These were postive people and they only saw my potential. I needed to also thank my wonderful teacher who pushed me through these classes, and the multiple friends I met. They saw what I couldn't for the longest time


I set my goals and I managed to accomplish them, and just like that I started to feel way more positive myself. :)

I did struggle very much so though, I wanted to give up, I wanted to but I tried. I was in GED class for a year and I was sick of it, so I left. This time I had a new goal for myself. It was to study and not need GED class. So, I studied. I studied real hard but the first time I took the Science part of my GED I failed. So I studied more, and I put so much time into, that the next time I went in I scored a passing score of 152. Last year, it was said that you needed to score at least a 150 to pass the GED test. This great year though has given me a new blessing. I now only need a 145 on all 4 tests to pass and I already finished one test.

I'm starting to see why now things take time and decication. It may take forever but you'll get there and you'll recieve many blessings in the meantime to help you through.

This is why goal keeping is important. You can accomplish anything if you have a mind set and accomplishing your goals will make you feel much better.

Why Making And Keeping Goals Is So Important


Why Making And Keeping Goals Is So Important
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