What You Should Do Before College Or University In Your Last Year Of High School


I know what some might say "isn't it too late to make a mytake about this" well no since many students are heading out to Colleges and Universities in a few months and its not too late to say sorry. But anyway I made this mytake to give a few advice that I learn so far in my last year of high school. Even though my tips would probably aim mostly to Canadian students, maybe students from other countries can benefit this. So what you should and should not do before college or university in your last year of high school

1. Always apply to mixture of Colleges/Universities that are in your area and that our out of your living area.

Pretty basic with this, when you apply for colleges and Universities always (this is more towards students applying next year) have a mixture of colleges and Universities in your area and outside of your area. For a long time I thought I planning to move out of GTA (Greater Toronto Area) to the University of Windsor, when I realize in this month alone I want to stay in GTA. Dumb high schooler me never planned out that if I were to choose to stay in the GTA I should had apply to more schools. I only apply to 1 college and 1 university in GTA, I feel really dumb about this. I say apply (if you can) the same amount of schools in your area and outside your area.

What you should do before college or university in your last year. of high school.

2. Always go to the campuses

When I planning to leave to Windsor, I almost made a dumbass mistake of not attending the campus first before accepting the offer. Until I was given the chance (the school paid a bus shuttle to come up to the GTA to take students there). When I got there I love the area,school,community, program everything except the dorms. My biggest barrier to attending the University was because

1. it was not that amazing (two of the halls were disgusting, and the other two weren't that impressive).

and 2. too expensive.

I thought I could overcome this but I just couldn't get over it so I decided just recently I will reject the offer. Don't let your heart settle on a school until you see the school, because your love for the school can turn to shit in 3 seconds.

OCAD University Toronto

3. Always be realistic (with anything)

The reason why I said this one is because I feel a lot of people are not realistic with their career choices. You have to do research into the career and look at yourself to see if you can do it. I know you should always "dream" or whatever but you only sleep for a few hours and have to WAKE up from your slumper. I have a friend lets call her Betty, and Betty wants to be a lawyer great right well NOT. The reason why I think its not great is because I don't think she can become a lawyer,doesn't actually want to be in the law field and she so oblivious and unrealistic. We all know to be a lawyer you have to have amazing English skills well Betty doesn't have those skills and fail to realize this still. In Ontario you have to do a literacy test in order to graduate high school and my friend fail that twice also this past English class this year she only got 55% in the final mark. I don't try to be a Debbie Downer but even pointing these things out to her she still refuse to give up or to rethink it. I even recommended to go to the other college law programs, sh doesn't want to do those programs. So to me I feel like she just doing this for the title then actually want to be in law. But in the end of the day if she realizes she fuck up I could care less, its her own problem but to my tip to you.

Be realistic

Be open minded

Look at yourself and see if you can do it.

You can do it but not everything

4. (Last one) Don't mess up in your last two years of high school (NO MATTER WHAT)

This should had been a no brainer for everyone but apparently not. My friend Betty did so well in the first three years of high school only to mess up in her final year. But you got to realize grade 9 and 10 don't matter that much only to get the credits you need to graduate. Universities and Colleges want grade 11 and 12 marks. You also are competing with other students in your area,outside of your area, and internationally you need to hike up your game. If they see that you have ok or poor marks they just pick the person who has amazing marks over you. Doing night school or summer school to boost up those crappy marks? depends on the school they might consider it. Betty went to Ryerson University (In Toronto) and ask if she retook English in summer school would she get in. Guess what they say? they said to her " so many people are applying to this program and with amazing averages if we getting students with 80% and up averages why would we pick the student who mess up in their final year that needs summer school over the student who already has a amazing average and is ready to attend school next year?" which meant NO. Its still possible to fix your mistakes and redo them to apply again next year but wouldn't it had been better if you did it right the first time to get in the school you wanted?.

This is the end of mytake hope you enjoy it leave a comment down below about the mytake and your own personal tips!

What You Should Do Before College Or University In Your Last Year Of High School
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