Surviving High School: A How-To Guide


High school isn't easy, and anyone that tells you otherwise is either lying, or is part of a minority who had actually did have a good time.

I'm only in Year 11 (or as American's would say, a 'Junior') but I've dealt with my fair share of bitches, assholes and drama, and most people do in high school. I've still got a year to go (and boy am I counting down the days), but this take is a list of things I've learnt so far, and I'm hoping that this helps any teenagers who might be reading this.

Surviving High School: A How-To Guide

*Beware, this take is layered with really cringey photos, but I thought they broke up the text nicely lol.*

Do Sports or Join a Club

Doing a sport is a great way to stay fit, (even though sometimes it can be really hard to find motivation for those early morning games) and develop relationships with people you may not normally interact with. The same goes for a club or any extracurricular activities, and it's a really good way to work out what you're interested in or what your true passion is.

Surviving High School: A How-To Guide

Get a Job

In fact, I actually wrote a whole take about how useful it is to get a job as a teenager, but there are definitely lots of benefits, like developing a concept of saving, better time management, spending money, and depending on the job and your attitude, it can also be really emotionally rewarding.

Surviving High School: A How-To Guide

Be a Floater

Make friends with lots of different types of people, and (if you can) don't limit yourself to just one social group! Sure, it does get a little lonely sometimes, but if there's ever drama or it doesn't work out with your current circle of friends, it means you've always got a lot of other options, friendship-wise. The more friends you have, the better.

Surviving High School: A How-To Guide

Manage Your Time Well

You need a good balance of (in my opinion) school and doing homework, a social life, and sleep. It's tricky to keep all three of those things satisfied at times, but how you manage and plan your time in this regard makes all the difference. I've only started to realise this year that the amount of homework you get is greatly reduced when you use all of your class time effectively (so don't muck around with friends 100% of the time).

Surviving High School: A How-To Guide

Focus on Friends Outside of School

This isn't to say that you should leave your school friends in the dust, but it's good to have a close friendship with someone who doesn't go to your school, so in the unlikely case something does happen, you've got another person to rely on. Also, it might mean you can get invited to other parties, which is a great way of meeting new people as well.

Develop Strong Relationships with Teachers

Now don't go kissing their ass, because you don't want to be known as the 'teacher's pet'. Show them respect, be friendly and engaged, and remember to ask lots of questions, because they're there to help!

Surviving High School: A How-To Guide

Get Enough Sleep

Do not underestimate the power of sleep! It's just as important as food and water, and not getting enough has so many negative impacts. It limits your ability to learn, listen, concentrate and solve problems, increases forgetfulness, and increases stress. Oh, and it makes you more prone to acne.

One recent US study found that lack of sleep was a common factor in teenagers who receive poor to average school marks too. Teenagers need between 9-10 hours sleep a night, which is pretty unrealistic, but I figure if you're getting between 7-8, you're doing okay.

Surviving High School: A How-To Guide

Try to Remain Positive

This is definitely the toughest one to do on the list, especially when you're surrounded with teenagers who have a tendency to be negative, and that are still maturing themselves. Having a 'glass half full' perspective is always good.

Surviving High School: A How-To Guide

And, remember to have fun! You're only in high school once, so make the most of it while you can. (Quoted from every adult talking about high school ever).

To the users reading this that are no longer in high school, I'd be interested to know what your experiences are like, and what your number one tip is.

P.S. decided to write a part two about bullying, should be up soon.

Surviving High School: A How-To Guide
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