Differentiate Between Quality And Looks


Differentiate Between Quality And Looks

Quality is core substance. Quality is what makes us. Quality is what we exhibit in action, words, and thoughts. The Dictionary defines quality as a distinctive attribute or characteristic possessed by someone or something. Quality is required in everything from school, to work, to relationships.

Looks most times can be deceptive. A lot of things may look good from the surface but taste really bad deep now. For example most clothes look nice to eyes, but when properly examined the quality is low. In Economics quality is known from the price. We pay high price for quality stuffs.

Though some people pay more attention to their looks, it should be noted that quality is what makes a person. Quality is in character, from the abundance of quality we have within us, we draw to speak and act when situation demands. So when you hear people talk in a low manner, forgive them, they are still learning. We cannot go beyond the quality in us, so when we see a man speak, he speaks what he knows, if he learns further, his knowledge will expand and his speech will be more sensible, he will dropped the things that are not of quality and hold on to the quality stuffs. Quality can learned, improved, and adopted.

In our society today, a lot of people fall for a person's look rather than the quality the person. Some Ladies depend on their beautiful looks to get them connected. But it goes beyond that, a responsible man will look beyond your looks and spot the good and bad Characters in you.

In our different places of work, if we do not have the quality to keep up with the job, then that means losing the job. But life is full of opportunities, each day presents us with the opportunity to improve or add to our quality, so make good use of it. As a take home, in every assignment you do, be at work, school or home: at the end of it, take a close look at what you have done and ask yourself the question? “Is it up to the quality required or demanded? Your intuition will be the judge here, if yes go ahead and submit, if no look at what you can improve before submission.

Differentiate Between Quality And Looks
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