Why Looks Are Important


I know what your thinking, that i must be a stuck-up, materialistic bitch.

But i'm not.

When i say "looks", i don't mean you have to be absolutely model level attractive. Not everyone is blessed with good looks. However, taking care of yourself and taking pride in your apperance IS important. Proper grooming, such as hair/face/body care is SO important! Picking clothes that flatter your body and styling your hair (or at least keeping it clean) is a must. Makeup is NOT for 'fake' girls. Makeup is about excentuating your features to show off your good qualities, and to make yourself feel good.

Why Looks ARE Important

  • First Impressions are Important- When you first meet someone, you judge them on their appearance. Not to be rude or judgmental, it's just a human reaction. Before you know someone's personality, how you feel about them is based soley on their appearnce. If a meet a guy (or girl), who is dressed nicely, clean and groomed and carries themselves well, i will instantly like them more.

  • How you feel about YOURSELF- I know for myself personally, if i feel that i look good in my new outfit, or my new hair is really flattering i will feel better about myself. I will smile, walk taller and feel more confident. there's no denying, looking good makes you FEEL good!

  • Getting Ahead- As sad as it is, in our society, looks so play a role in how your life goes. Put yourself in the shoes of a employer. Someone walks in with dirty hair, looking tired and out of it, with a shirt untucked and a stain on their pants. Now someone walks in, hair neat and styled, face clealy shaven and wearing a crispy suit. Who do you pick?

I could give you 100 reasons why "Looks" are important, but i'm pretty sure most of you would agree with me, and be able to think of some more on your own. If you down agree, tell me why!

Have a nice day, Yolanda x

Why Looks Are Important
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