3 Big Reasons Why You Should Home School Your Child

3 Big Reasons Why You Should Home School Your Child

Decades ago to present date, #homeschooling has been proven to be more beneficial and effective for not just the child but the parent(s) as well. The only true constant is change. Change is the inevitable fate of every living thing on this planet. Every civilization, technology and the minds of society all go through some change at various points of their development. It is the cousin of growth and it cannot be avoided.

The change I would like to discuss is that of our children. Our children are changing. This is obvious from their blatant behaviours down to the minutest genetic patterns in the human #DNA—and if our children are changing but our government system—the very schools every child has to be enrolled in stays the same then there will be a problem! This is not abnormal; if your child learns better in an experiential or right brain manner and the school he/she is enrolled in takes a systematic approach to learning then it’s natural for the child not to fit in to that institution.

The child will be behind in classes, there will be low grades and non cooperativeness. It’s not because the child is not smart, it is because the environment and method that is presenting itself is not compatible with that child’s way of learning. Now apart from 17 of the United States presidents who were homeschooled, there is a man name John Holt who is recognized as the one who started today’s homeschooling movement according to Isabel Shaw the writer of an article on Homeschooling at school.familyeducation.com; plus other factual evidences to prove that homeschooling is credible.

So it’s credible, and legal but that’s not enough to say why you should home school your child so here are three better reasons:

3 Big Reasons Why You Should Home School Your Child

1) It’s socially healthier than traditional schooling

Firstly, homeschooling is socially healthier than traditional schooling. In a competitive atmosphere coupled with inadequate supervision always brings out the worst in children, and age-segregated classrooms are most efficient for educating as many kids as possible. In a loving, caring and familiar environment a child is capable of learning twice the speed of in an institution. The supervision is trustworthy and the child can socialize with people who can uplift and teach. When at school, you cannot avoid the chances of bad influences because there is an unmonitored exposure. These influences can take form in drug abuse, villainy etc.

At home the child can be taught what is necessary to know; and if curiosity arises about something that wasn’t intended to teach then the parent can explore that subject for a while or give the child assignments to find out about it. Homeschooling does not have to take place at home alone. Sometimes, parents can choose to have classes at the park or somewhere that’s relaxing and subject-related. Example, if history is the upcoming topic, for that class they can visit the museum and have some history lessons there. The child then can socialize with the people at the museum thus learning and socialization can take place simultaneously. So through homeschooling, your child can be more social via the right reasons too.

3 Big Reasons Why You Should Home School Your Child

2) It’s a more effective approach

Secondly, homeschooling your child is a more effective way to learning. Nothing you can ever do will have such profound effect on your child’s future as homeschooling would. It is a life changing endeavour. It creates the chance for personal growth for both parents, who can rediscover their inner genius, and children whose parents will be aiding in discovering theirs. The flexibility of homeschooling allows children to learn what they are interested in and at a time in their lives when they are ready to learn.

No preconceived programme forces them ahead or holds them back. Children can receive a higher education in accordance specifically with their own needs, learning styles, personalities and interests. And of course, more favourably to parents, this can be achieved at a cost far less than that of a private or public school. By giving allowance to learn at their own pace, with a minimum of stress, homeschooled children have the time and space to more effectively internalize and utilize what they learn.

3 Big Reasons Why You Should Home School Your Child

3) A better relationship between children and parents/family is developed

Thirdly, a better relationship between children and parents/family is developed. Through homeschooling, the child and parent(s)/family simultaneously become closer and get to know each other a lot more. In the case of a teenager that goes to public school and is drifting from their parents and rather takes advice from peers, such possibilities aren’t probable with homeschooling. The parent is now a teacher to that child and who’s better to teach a child than their own parents? The ones children naturally from birth have looked to as the source of information, protection and guidance. Parents who have never had sufficient time to spend with their children now have an opportunity to go on field trips with them, eat, talk and learn more with them. With homeschooling, the relationship with your child can only get better.

If your child is having difficulties with conventional schooling and he’s not happy about it then you certainly shouldn’t either. Homeschoolers often like to say that life is their classroom and it has been proven over and over that homeschooling is socially healthier, and is a more effective approach than traditional schooling. And when I say effective I’m not just talking children but parents included. Wouldn’t you rather have complete awareness about your child’s learning and social life than to send him or her to an institution that raises insecurity (in more than one ways)?

There are probably no written facts about this but I believe your child would be safer, physically, emotionally and intellectually under your roof, under your wings!

Instead of having to hand over more than 60% control of your children’s intelligence and other aspects of your child that can be influenced, to conventional schools and teachers who may not be teaching for the love of it but rather the quantity of their salary; with homeschooling you have full intervention to make sure your child learns and is happy learning. I’m not going tell you that homeschooling isn’t a tough and responsible decision, it is; because you might be required to adjust some schedules that you normally live within in order to have time to teach your child. For the rich harvest it will reap however, I believe any decision that guarantees your child a healthy and effective way of learning is worth making.

3 Big Reasons Why You Should Home School Your Child
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