10 Things You Will Only Understand If You Are/Were Homeschooled


So, I was homeschooled since 3rd grade all the way through high school. There are pros and cons as with eveything. Now it's over, and here are some things you other homeschoolers can relate to, and non-homeschoolers can pick at us about.

10 Things You Will Only Understand If You Are Were Homeschooled

1. NO FRIENDS. Ok, you might a A friend. But sitting at your kitchen table all day doesn't really make for good socializing practice. That's why we are awkward. By the way, what's a boyfriend?

2. Doing school in your pjs, and eating while you work. One of the best pros of Homeschooling was being able to eat a bag of chips in my fuzzies with the tv on in the background while I was doing my work. Plus I could work whatever hours I wanted, as long as I got the work done 😎

3. CASHIER LADIES AT THE STORE. What the heck is wrong with you people?! Why is it any of your business why I'm at the store and not at school?! I am so glad the days of "Is it a snow day? Because I don't think it snowed." or them asking my mom "Are you QUALIFIED to be a teacher???" are over. You people don't help the social awkwardness homeschoolers face. You make us want to crawl in a hole.

4. No 8th grade formal. No jr. prom. No senior prom. NO PROM. I always hated when people I knew were going to prom. I sat there on my sofa alone with my 4 dogs watching rom coms while scrolling through Facebook pictures of you and you fantastic boyfriend getting all dressed up and have if a wonderful night. Still hurts man. Still.

5. Watching High School Musical and being like "Man. I'm missing out." even though you know in your heart HS can't actually be like that, can it?

6. Finishing school early! I'm not talking about earlier in the day, or the year, I mean, SKIPPING GRADES!!! You don't usually have the option to skip grades, or cram 3 years of high school into one semester when you go to public school, but homeschoolers do! I graduated high school at 15 with a 4.0 GPA that I worked my butt off for.

6. WARDEN MOMS (OR DADS). You know very well if you get that problem wrong again that your mom is going to stab you with a pencil. If she hears you giggle with your sibling, she decides to read an ENTIRE book on James Polk in one day as punishment for goofing off. (Seriously though, we read an entire book each about every last one of the Presidents of the US. Not joking.)

7. Trying to get a drivers license anywhere. Counter lady: "How old are you hun?" Me: "17." Her: "What school do you go to?" Me: "I graduated already." Her "What?" Where is your diploma?!" Me: "Look lady I was homeschooled. You don't get diplomas from your house." Her: "No diploma, no license. Now go to school." 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

8. NO SNOW DAYS. That's right. Since our kitchen is our classroom, the snow does not keep us from reaching it. *sigh*

9. Taking the SAT (or ACT) was the most horrifying experience of your life. Surrounded by THOUSANDS of people your age in this place called High School that smelled like gym socks. They sit you down in a classroom. The teacher hands you this test with circles you have to fill in. Then there's a timer. I've NEVER BEEN TIMED BEFORE what HECKKKKKKK

10. When you do something bad your mom threatens to send you to public school.

10 Things You Will Only Understand If You Are/Were Homeschooled

So there you have it! Now this list was created my MY experiences so please don't lump ALL homeschoolers in my bucket. I'm sure many homeschoolers had friends.... just not me. Please feel free to share your own homeschooling experiences!

10 Things You Will Only Understand If You Are/Were Homeschooled
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  • Dim1213
    Yeah I really enjoyed being home schooled for a few years. Honestly when I went back every one seemed to immature and stupid to me. I did notice where they rubbed off on me over the few years. I definitely lost my good study habits and got lazy among other things. What I wish that I did was stay in private school till I started highschool. Instead I was stuck in a year of middle school man did I hate it. Also jr prom, and prom way over ratted.
    Huge advantage of homeschooling/private school was I learned new things and got good grades. In public school I was so bored, and always learning the same stuff. I just had no reason to put out effort. Just get the mail and hide the grades that came. Unless I did something wrong they never called my parents.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Tephra
    Interesting myTake! I'm actually doing apart of my degree online, next term, hopefully going to university to get the full experience and meet different people :)

    Knew a kid back in primary school who was homeschooled from 2nd grade to 5th grade; he came back to the same primary school and poor thing didn't know a lot about the "social rules" or the "social norms". He was bullied a lot for it and eventually tried to fit in by following everyone else, wasn't sticking to his true self but whatever gets you through school
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  • akadatank44
    Nice take. So all in all did you like being homeschooled? Would you do it if you had kids in the future? What sre you doing now? Can you get into college when your not 18?
    • I did love it. I wouldn't have had it any other way!

      I would definitely homeschool my kids in the future. I feel like the quality 1 on 1 education is healthy for kids.

      I will be starting college in the fall as a Film Major!

      Yes you can. As long as you have High School transcripts and a letter from your state that confirms that you have indeed graduated you can go to college at any age. HOWEVER, some colleges will turn away younger applicants with a letter saying to apply in a year or two.

    • Awesome flat to hear that.

      I have thought in the future if I had kids and the money I'd think about homeschooling because I agree with what you said and the fact I'm pretty patient when it comes to teaching. Plus I'm a good cook so rheyd have good food and not junk lol. My concern would be the social aspect as not making important friends and whatnot. Did your parents make you do activities outside of yoir school like sports or music?

      Oh awesome! Are you excited? That's cool. I never knew that. Glad you got into one! While your 16! Thats quite an accomplishment. You should be proud of yourself!

    • Thank you!

      About the social aspect, homeschoolers have these things called Co-Ops wich basically is like the weekly homeschooled hangout. They usually have formals, sports teams etc. The only reason I didn't have any friends/prom etc is because the Co-Op in my area was crap and we quit after like a month. There are definitely some good ones though. Plus lessons and sports gets you out there.

      I had some family issues that forced me to quit all my activities at about 11. So I did most of middle school and high school at home with no where to go and no one to talk to. That was just my life issues though, and doesn't really relate to homeschooling.

      I am sooo excited! But nervous too! I am a very outgoing person despite growing up with just my sister and my dog lol. I am ready to work and ready to start life! 😁

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  • lovelyhoneybones
    Yes! I am so glad someone who was homeschooled did this Mytake. I was homeschooled up until last year. I did go to public school, but that was from 1-3 grade. I screamed when you brought up people asking why you're not in school. I enjoy it though, no other kids to deal with.
  • starbucksjr69
    How the hell. Graduating early. I wish. I take online classes, but that's apparently homeschooling. But I don't think we can skip grades.

    I need this cheat.
    • Yeah it doesn't work with online programs. The only reason I could was because I solely used books.

      Good luck man! You don't have too much farther to go!

  • TiffyPuff

    I was home-schooled and totally get all of this :)

    Although I did go to high school :)
  • JustCallMeLeon
    How is it possible for your parents to have all the nec knowledge to guide you through highschool?
    • My mom was a teacher for public school. Plus... they finished high school sooooo

    • Still. They must be geniouses. Finishing highschool and teaching high school is not the same thing. Here, in order to teach highschool, a tracher must complete university, then teach middle school for more than a few years, and then he gets evaluated if he is suited to teach highschool. Its not that simple here and i think thats the way it should be.

    • Rissyanne

      My kids were home schooled and the graduated from college with bachelors degrees at the top of their class.

  • N192K001
    So true!

    I used to get #10 a number of times, though #2 (freaking awesome!) for me was not an option.
  • Telekinetic-Potato
    Interesting I learned a little about something I can't say I knew anything about.
  • SnowHearth
    I was raised in the wilds, and homeschooled until the age of 7. I enrolled in the university at age 8.
    • SnowHearth

      Had I been raised in the civilization and gone to school, I think I'd never been able to achieve what I have.

  • lime_rampljuset
    I was home-schooled, and graduated early. But didn't suffer some of the negative things you mentioned
  • RealandGenuine26
    i took classes online when i was home schooled, had a real graduation in downtown atlanta at the cobb energy galleria center. The name of my online high school was ashworth high school which was based out of norcross georgia. I was so glad that while i might not of had prom , i had a real graduation ceremony all my sisters were there,. it was a good experience for me, and friends, you'll only have a handful if not more than 2 or three true friends anyway, so that wasn't even important for me. but thanks for sharing YOUR experience
  • Zorax
    Interesting Take, homeschooling looks like a great idea, regardless of some flaws.
  • AskNaz
    I was homeschooled in 6th grade, private/home schooled for 7th, returned to public school. and then went back to homeschool my last two years of highschool (which were condensed into one year, since I could do work at my own pace). So I got a taste of both worlds and I definitely don't regret homeschooling, It's great.

    In comparison to public, where you waste time on material you already know + Waking up early + BS homework + Being limited, etc.

    Homeschool was much more flexible. There were times I didn't do it for a week or two, but then caught up the next week, and still overall managed to finish everything in a less than a year. I spent more time doing stuff I love and learning material I actually cared about. It helped condition me to be more responsible and self-disciplined too.

    4.0 through public and then homeschool with a breeze! It was good to be exposed through different types of schooling for me, helped me become more versatile and creative.
  • Iraqveteran666
    High schools are getting so bad that home schooling would probably be better. My memory of High school was that the teachers taught you nothing, all they did was give you work from a textbook (often from the 1800's) and marked your work, if you were failing they let you fail and if you were passing they took credit for teaching you. Knowledge is available now at the type of a keyboard, nearly everything a school does can be done from home. The only thing may be kids might miss out on being homeschooled is sports but there's always fitness classes and leagues they can join.
  • Nuala
    I was homeschooled up untill this grade... This is so true.
  • John_Doesnt
    I was homeschooled by the government because I made some threats and sold some crack.
  • Mary_June
    I was nearly homeschooled, but because I was lacking credits I had to go to another school.
  • I-am-a-nobody
    We homeschool... good take.
  • TaylorSpliff
    #10 😂😂😂😂
  • Anonymous
    How do gpas and graduating work with homeschooling?
    • Well we did the work, and then we got graded. All our work was checked by the state.