Pros And Cons Of Homeschooling


Pros and con's of homeschooling

As a homeschooler, I complain about it A LOT. But it really isn't fair that I just talk bad about it.... I mean, there ARE a lot of good points.

Here are the pros and con's of homeschooling

(Note: This is based on my experience with homeschooling. Not all homeschooling rules are the same)


1. Sleeping in

Now, I don't get to sleep until ten everyday. However, I do get to sleep in until around 8, which is about an hour-hour and a half more sleep then the public middle schoolers around almost all the places I've lived (and we've lived in a lot of different places)

2. Curriculum

In homeschooling, I can help choose my school each year. I won't decide in the end, but my mom usually incorporates what I wanted.

3. Bullies

There aren't really any bullies, unless you count your siblings. (Who can act like that a lot -_-)

4. Music

I almost ALWAYS have some form of music on as I do my school.

5. Friends houses

Now, I don't get to go a lot (I'll cover that in cons), but when I do go to my friends, I can go during school hours. I can even sleep over there on school days and still stay up late. I don't have to worry about school that day (usually)

6. Snacks

I can eat during math or whatever :)

7. Christ

We're Christian, so in homeschooling, we can teach things more centered around him (Such as, still teaching evolution, but as a unproved theory (With evidence why it isn't proved or whatever) instead as an accepted fact)

Pros And Cons Of Homeschooling

And now the cons:

1. Social life

This one is probably the worst. I rarely see my friends.

2. Family

Imagine being with your family (siblings and parent(s) ) 24/7

3. Chores

Imagine having to take a break every hour to clean whatever

4. Detention

It can be a lot worse then public school punishments, considering she is your teacher AND parent at home

5. Snow days

We never get them (unless my sister wants to go sledding, in which case I end up staying home.... Doing school)

6. Summer

I've never had a summer vacation (we have three or four days off a month. However, I'm usually watching my siblings the whole time, and those count as summer. [Because, sadly, if I didn't I would be behind])

7. Sick days

"Oh, you can concentrate on your phone? Then you can do math!" No.... Just no

8. Freedom

We get a lot less.... At least to me

So, here are some myths of homeschooling

1. PJs

At least of me. We have to get up, and get dressed.

2. Uneducated freaks

No. Just no. I'm doing pretty good in school. So are my siblings.

(I know I missed a lot of myths.. If you think of some write them in the comments?)

That's it.

(BTW, this is my first myTake so...)

Pros And Cons Of Homeschooling
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