What Homeschool Is Really Like


Every time someone finds out I'm homeschooled I hear the same things:

"Lucky. You get to stay in you PJs all day"

"You must have so much free time!"

"I would love to be homeschooled. It must be so easy."

What homeschool is really like.

It's not like what you think at all. In fact it's probably the exact opposite for me.

Here's my daily routine:

7:30- get up and get dressed (aka. shower)

8:30- eat breakfast and play a game I'm sick to death of.

9:00- Start on math

11:00- eat lunch and thank heaven if you didn't fuck the math up too bad

12:00- get back to school

3:00- finally done with school

And then the rest of the day I spend trying to sneak a few minutes where my parents aren't calling me out from my room.

So my life is that most everyday. Boring right?


I don't stay in my PJs all day because I can't.

And the most common belief is that I have free time.

During the winter I have some, but as soon as summer starts that ends like falling off a cliff. During the summer when I'm not doing school, I'm doing yard work, or cleaning something. Because I'm an only child that makes it worse.

Now, on to how easy it is.

I'm here to tell you, it may be a better education but it's an incredible amount of work. Also I have more responsibility now than if I went to school. I have a certain amount of work that I have to get done in addition to chores, and some stuff that I want to do. Lately I've been doing schoolwork after dinner before my parents want to watch a movie that I don't have time for and on weekends.

I also have to read books, and write reports and being a slower reader and sometimes being too tired to read, it's almost impossible to read a book in a month.

My family is great, but honestly, I want to get away every once in a while.

It's not that I hate them, but I see my mom especially 24/7. And after school I can't get away from her. I also have no siblings what so ever so I have only my parents. And being homeschooled cuts your social life to being almost non existent. I honestly have 1 friend I see on occasions, but we mostly have a digital relationship. The most socialization I get, is on here.

Sad right?

I mean I love being homeschooled because I can listen to music all I want and goof-off all the time. Also, I can have coffee and snacks in class because class is my house. I can even watch tv if I don't get caught.

But, my iPod being my best friend is ridiculous. I honestly have a better relationship with my iPod than I do with anything else. I will also say, my parents let me do just about whatever I want, but I would give it all up sometimes just for a friend to talk to or someone to hang out with.

Homeschool classes may sound like an idea to solve the social problem, I tried it. Many times. They never work. It's probably because of me really. I mean I am a Christian but most Christians I've met at classes are stuck up and a lot of them have been very mean to me.

In fact I just finished a class, where this one guy walked behind me and pushed me into the table in front of me and kicked me with a small rock and then laughed at me. Being, small it's not like I could do anything. And telling the teacher wouldn't have helped because I've always had bad luck with that.

In other words, I half love, half hate homeschool. I mean the education is great, but there are so many things I wish could be different.

Thanks for reading my first MyTake :).

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What Homeschool Is Really Like
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