How One Look in the Mirror Can Change Your Attitude About Life

How One Look in the Mirror Can Change Your Attitude About Life

What is your biggest dream? To be an Olympic athlete? To own a successful business? To be a famous actor? Every morning when we get up we do what most would consider pretty mundane tasks: eating breakfast, brushing our teeth, going to work or school, we don't think twice about it.

Yet there is one step I think a lot of us skip. Ever looked into the mirror and not liked what you saw? I think a lot of us can say we have. Yet I don't think we as people take enough time to look at ourselves and see the potential that linger behind eyes clouded with the thought that we are destined for nothing more than what we have achieved at that very moment. I myself am guilty of, at times believing I have nothing more to strive for; that I've met my limit. Yet what would it feel like to have the crowd cheering your name as you score the last point that will bring you a gold medal for you and your team? What would it feel like to be sitting in a 100,000$ custom corvette knowing that all your hard work brought you there. What would it feel like?

How One Look in the Mirror Can Change Your Attitude About Life

We seem to detach ourselves from these fantasies. I mean yeah, we dream about them but do we truly believe with all our hearts, 100% that we will be these people from our dreams? What if for one day we believed these things? What if that one day was enough to start a fire within each and everyone of us? A fire that would burn bright and not let anything stop it from reaching its full potential. What if that fire could be you? So next time you hear that imaginary crowd cheering your name...listen. Turn could into can. Prove them wrong. Be the person from your dreams. Because in reality that person from your dreams is you...the real you, just the version of you that wouldn't let a mirror that stood between reality and potential stop them.

How One Look in the Mirror Can Change Your Attitude About Life
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  • garyhill7447
    Write inspirational quote or words of encouragement on your mirror. You will feel empowered on reading it.
    Perform your workouts in front of the mirror. You will see the effort you are putting and cheer yourself for it. Notice the progress you make every time.
    If you lack self confidence, sit or stand in front of mirror and analyze. Be your judge. Know where you are weak and work on it.
  • Anonymous
    This is inspirational, good take.