I Chose to be a Nurse, Not a Doctor, Quit Asking


Becoming an MD seems to be the crowning achievement in the healthcare field. Everyone seems to think that no matter where you start in the medical field, all roads lead to becoming an MD. When I was in college, I volunteered at a hospital. Not just any hospital. This hospital is the best in Nevada and it's so beautiful it looks like a hotel. I loved volunteering there so much I switched my major to Nursing. Right around this time, I was always asked "why don't you become a doctor?" Well you see this was the time I had to get a baby tooth that never came out removed. After it was removed, the tooth fairy never left me $250,000 under my pillow. Besides, nurses are the ones that actually do everything. For example, the doctor would say "Nurse, give the patient in room 63 _____ cc of ____ stat." The nurse administers it, the doctor makes the order.

I Chose to be a Nurse, Not a Doctor, Quit Asking

Medical and Nursing are two different entities. Nurses have to have good bedside manner, know when to stand up for themselves, know when to keep silent, all while taking care of their patients. I know it sounds insensitive, but doctors don't spend much time with their patients. Doctors can't spend much time with patient. They are always busy. The nurse will admit the patient, ask how they're feeling, ask if they can get them anything or make them more comfortable, and talk to the family. The doctor comes in, asks how they're feeling, and what's their symptoms. The doctor thanks the patient, wishes them well, says that he/she is going to figure this out, tells the nurse what tests to run, the doctor makes a diagnosis, prescribes any medication, once everything is said and done, the nurse discharges the patient. Of course the nurse can't do everything, the CNAs help out. But still, the nurse and the CNA have the most contact with the patient.

I Chose to be a Nurse, Not a Doctor, Quit Asking

In a battle, the nurses and the CNAs are on the front line. The doctors are like the generals. Nurses have personal connections with their patients. There's only so much you can learn from someone's chart. For example if nurses and doctors are trying to figure out what caused hemorrhaging in the patients brain, there's only so much to go off of a persons chart. The cause could be found by a nurse who says they heard the patients family talk about how she's a gymnast and that maybe she hit her head really hard.

I Chose to be a Nurse, Not a Doctor, Quit Asking

Nurses are just as smart as doctors, we just use our knowledge in different ways. Like doctor makes order, nurse carries it out. I chose Nursing as my career choice because we have the most contact with the patient and it's very hands on. I can also start working right after graduation, you can't do that when you're trying to become a doctor. I don't want to be the best nurse I can be. I'm too ambitious for that. I want to be the best nurse. This week is Nurse Appreciation week. Make sure to thank a nurse. We are here to save your ass not kiss it.

I Chose to be a Nurse, Not a Doctor, Quit Asking
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  • Lishka
    I don't trust doctors as a rule and I know that when it comes to nurses - not a single one ever hurt me and they're all helpful. They're firm but helpful. I might met only one that I thought of as impatient and plain rude. it's been very different with doctors though. You know what? A good nurse can get more money in a respectable place than a doctor in some sleazy hospital thing... It's not common but possible at least in where I live. Also - It's AMAZING that you're going to do something you lvoe and feel passionate about. I have the same thing with what I do. I don't want to work where my friends work - some corpo and doing their best to get promoted every now and then. I decided to continue to study and get a job that is both enjoyable and respectable in my eyes. I prefer to be a teacher even if it mensless money than some of my friends will make in future ;) On the side note - don't hate on the doctors just like I don't hat eon my ex classmates... we chose different paths of life and it's okay. Even if theirs doesn't seem fun to me - it might be fun for them. It's a matter of respcet really. Just be confident and amke sure that whatever you do is enjoyable. I once had to resign from tutoring two small kids because I decided that this extra job is not worth all the stress and hatred... Money's not everything ;)
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    • I respect doctors. They make decisions I wouldn't want to make. And even if they come off that they dont care, I like to think they do. A classmate of mine in my CNA class, wants to be a Doctor of anesthesiology. I think it's great she's starting as a CNA. The best managers started from the bottom and worked their way up. But I think what really makes these managers great is they never forget what its like to be working at the bottom. There is a hospital that I hope I can work at. I was a volunteer there and I loved it. They have a 24/7 starbucks, a cafe, and everyone is nice and helpful.

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  • Somewhat_Normal
    My thanks to everyone who works out there in hospitals, they're one of the few jobs I truly respect. Including nurses, doctors, surgeons, etc. But especially nurses. I've been in and out of surgeries and procedures at hospital so many times and whenever a nurse was around, it was different. They were like a comforting presence among the mess I'd usually gotten myself into. Whenever they were around I immediately fell at ease. I felt like I knew I was in good hands, they're literally lifesavers and I can't appreciate them enough.
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  • Tdieseler
    My thing is...
    "so why the fuck are you telling us? " we didn't ask for this... you didn't wanna advance... good for you.
    Now, to turn around and not be a cunt... Nurses are the people who do the fucking work.. okay? fuck those douche doctors.. and i stick behind you 100%. nurses are as smart... and there are more positions as well... and you won't turn into a douche lol...
    i would love to say the same about me, but im a cunt lol.
    • Don't like it, don't read it. There you go, problem solved. Please no, I don't want a medal for being a problem solver. But I won't go away until my name is being chanted. *in the distance* Khaleesi, Khaleesi, Khaleesi, khaleesi, Khaleesi, khaleesi. Yep, that's better.

    • Tdieseler

      ok... but you do know in this situation, im calling ME the cunt... right?

    • I thought that glaringly obvious, so yes.

  • EmHenz
    "nurses are just as smart as doctors". NAH in my country's colleges medical for being a doctor is the highest scoring course and u even need an interview - not just good results to get in. meanwhile, nurse is the LOWEST score course. which means, if u get a super low score, nursing is the only course u can get into. so obviously the intellectual level isn't the same.
    • In my state there isn't an interview to get in the program and its the best program in the state. I double dare you to say that to the next nurse you see. I'll pay you a dollar if you say that to the next nurse that saves your life. Or the CNA that takes care of you when you are too old to take care of yourself.

    • You have no knowledge of either one of these fields. Nurses are just as if not smarter than doctors. Who is the first point of contact? Nurses, who is there with the patient throughout the day and recognises health conditions and their deteriorating conditions? Nurses. The doctors aren't even aware of their own patients lmao😂😂 the nurse gives them the entire information and have just as much as a medical background than they do. I know doctors who don't even have knowledge on half the medical conditions or medications, and the nurse does. Nurses work harder and better than anyone else in the healthcare industry and are so undervalued when nurses are the ones who save your life. So unless you're in those fields, don't talk like you know because you don't know shit

    • @prettygirl8 thanks for backing me up! People need to appreciate their nurses more because they have no idea how much the nurse does for them. Plus the only reason that colleges an interview is because they think that only certain people can be nurses or doctors. When thats not true. We all have our skills and strengths. Plus, all you have to do to get passed the interview stage is to kiss the interviewers ass. If you know who will be interviewing you, you can look them up on facebook, find what they enjoy, and go from there.

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  • IEat70sBush
    Not everyone wants to be at top rung of the ladder, no matter the career. I never did, the extra money isn't worth it when I have to work so hard for it I have no free time to spend or enjoy it. My free time is more valuable to me than anything any employer could offer me.
  • I-am-a-nobody
    "Nurses are just as smart as doctors..."

    Some nurses might be smarter than some doctors, but no, I don't believe nurses as a whole are as smart.

    There's some great nurses out there and this take has a lot of valid points, but what's with the attitude?
  • Iraqveteran666
    More men need to be encouraged go into nursing to balance the gender inequality in the field.
    • That would be awesome. I have two males in my class who both plan to go into Nursing. I think they would make awesome nurses. Plus there is such a high demand for male nurses that they are basically guaranteed a job once they graduate. Male nurses also paid more because they are great for the heavy lifting. Some of my classmates, me included would argue that males make better nurses. There's cliques in every work place, but hospitals are basically breeding grounds for gossiping and coworkers being catty with each other. If coworkers dont like each other, important tests don't get run in time, coworkers are doing favors for the patients of certain coworkers, etc. I'm biased because it was a girl that I wanted to be friends with that, stabbed me in the back. It was the men in my class that defended me.

  • JustCallMeLeon
    Good article. However i sense a bit of hate towards doctors. Why? I think both are great, hard and important.
    • I respect doctors. They make decisions that I wouldn't want to make. And even if they come off as harsh and that they dont care, I like to think they do. Some people say that nurses are the same way. Nurses are just busy depending on what floor they're on. They just dont have time for stupid questions. And people ask stupid questions all the time when they or someone close to them, is scared because they're in a hospital and they need help.

    • That is true. From the outside everything looks easy...

  • admles
    I have so much respect for nurses.

    Nurses are the ones who keep you alive!

    My sister is one :D
    • actually, some nurses kill

    • @GAGSUCKS333 there's serial killers in every profession, genius.

    • I was joking genius but all jokes aside there are actually an abundance of sociopaths who choose professions such as nursing, surgeons and doctors in fact some of the most infamous serial killers were in those positions. these are perfect jobs for serial killers who cannot overpower their victims with brute force.

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  • karahiri
    Most of us don't have we 250k lying around... we take out student loans. I agree that nurses and other allied healthstaff are physician extenders and spend the most face time with patients. The bit about having good bedside manner and knowing when to speak or keep silent is a pretty important aspect of a physician's role too. Physicians have personal connections with their patients too, that's really not exclusive to nursing staff. And... MDs start working after graduation. Residency programs pay you for your work as you continue to train on the job.
  • estoydorado1
    Truue. I was really interested in nursing towards the end of high school and everybody was encouraging me to become a doctor. Even though my career goals have shifted, if this path doesn't work out, I still think I'd really enjoy nursing. My primary care physician has always been a nurse practitioner. If you really wanted to, you could go for that Nurse Practitioner degree and pretty much become a doctor (without the 12 years of school + residency). by the way, I have several family members who are nurses and they've all mentioned that they pretty much do everything but diagnose and prescribe/recommend treatments for the patients. Doctors would be helpless without you doing all that leg work. Good for you and you should stay proud.
  • zagor
    A lot of flexibility in being a nurse; you can work all over the world. Plus less school and expense.
  • Awesome take! Ironicaly its also National Nurses week!
    • The nurses really do get all the info and know stuff way better than the doctors. So really your job is way better

  • edgyfox
    Nurses are very much needed. And a nurse should always be highly respected.
  • CT_CD
    I'm a trauma surgeon
    • That's awesome. I hope you enjoy it. I'm thinking about specializing as an OR nurse. But after I get my Nursing degree, I might be perfectly happy as an RN, so I might stop after that.

    • for everyones sake, I hope CT really isn't a surgeon.

    • @GAGSUCKS333 his patients are traumatized

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  • juliaanita
    My profession also!
  • Waffles731
    I'll have to thank my cousin whose a nurse then
  • Maazin
    Congratulations and all the best in your career.
  • Browneye57
    TLDR. Sorry, we don't really care. [shrug]
    • And the older generation complains about this generation not reading enough. Sooooooo sorry you have the mindspan of a goldfish?

    • Browneye57

      The term is 'attention span' and it's less than that. :)

      Oh look - there's a squirrel!!

      The thing is that you're so impressed with yourself that you became a nurse and everybody thinks it's just jim-dandy for you, but to go on an on here about it just screams for validation.
      Guys are happy for you but just not as impressed with you as YOU are. They are more interested in what YOU will DO for THEM. And no, not me, your potential suitors.

      Besides, I like goldfish. :)

    • I'm not a nurse. I'm a nurse assistant. Yes, I am proud of myself. I dont care that you think is for validation. I still get asked if I want to be a doctor, this is why I won't. Don't like it, dont read it. My god I'm such a problem solver.