10 Reasons Why I love My Major, Nursing

10 Reasons Why I love My Major, Nursing

1. My patients.

A lot of my patients have lived lives that most people can only dream or read books about, but these people lived it. An old patient of mine was a fighter pilot in WW2. He still remembers everything he did during his time in the military and can tell stories that last hours.

10 Reasons Why I love My Major, Nursing

2. The personality's of my patients.

One of my patients love to prank the CNAs. I was doing Range of Motion with him, when he suddenly started screaming like he was in a mass amount of pain. I said I was getting the nurse but then he totally just stopped. He looked at me and said, "sweetheart, don't do that. I was just messing with you." I smiled and we continued doing range of motion. He scared the ba-jeez-us of me but now I laugh when I think about it.

10 Reasons Why I love My Major, Nursing

3. I love how the body works like a machine.

I can't wait until I get all my prerequisites I need so I can take an Anatomy and Physiology class.

4. I love making a difference in people's lives...

Especially when some are having one of the worst days in their life.

10 Reasons Why I love My Major, Nursing

5. Other nurses.

Nurses who remember what it's like to be a beginner and understand how I am feeling, inspire me.

6. It's a privilege to comfort the dying and help them through to their next stage in life.

I always make sure to make the last moments for those who are dying, happy moments.

7. Because "the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the comfort of others." Gandhi

10 Reasons Why I love My Major, Nursing

8. We have the opportunity to heal the body, mind, soul, and hearts of our patients.

9. No other job can match that high feeling, you get when connecting with a patient.

10. Because it's a beautiful thing when a career and a passion intertwine.

On my first day during clinicals, a dying DNR patient wanted me to hold her hand. She cried when I told her eyes were a beautiful color. And when she cried, I cried. We talked about everything from the weather, the teddy bear she sleeps with, her late husband, and the picture of her in a vintage nurse uniform. I think she is still alive, but she is extremely close to death. But once I stepped out of her room because she wanted to eat her breakfast, I was smiling. After that, she agreed to come out of her room and was always smiling out in the dining hall. It was a privilege to comfort her and spend part of my morning with her.

I vent about my patients but I could never truly hate them. I get spit on, scratched, cussed at, have bodily fluids projected my way, punched, kicked, etc. It doesn't matter if those patients have dementia or not. That starts to get old quick. I won't yell at them, but I will tell them to be nice and then they (almost) always shape up. I could never hate them because I am an independent person who likes to do things myself. I think if I needed help with simple tasks like brushing my teeth, I would be a pain to deal with.

And of course, I respect doctors. Every time someone badmouths doctors, a part of me dies. I think doctors make decisions everyday that most people wouldn't even want to think about what it would be like to be in their position.

10 Reasons Why I love My Major, Nursing
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