Why You Should take a Full Time position over a Part Time if you can

Why You Should take a Full Time position over a Part Time if you can

I currently work part time at a hardware store. Sometimes I get 25 hours and sometimes I get 8 hours aweek depending on sales and number of employees. However, I would like to go get a piece of the Full Time Pie, but in a sense it's not going to be easy where I am at now. I have been there a year and half, and currently have been been putting in for other jobs. I feel like I've had the time to learn more like cash register, pricing, forklift etc... in that time, but haven't. I feel like full time might be the best for me and most people. Here's why you should go full time if you can.

1. More Stability/ loyalty.

I have noticed the full time employees most places have more loyalty and are generally happier. This is because if they have full time they have more control and influence in their job. At one time my store when we first opened had 39 employees. Now we have 15. We have had some stay a year, some two months, some a day, and some two weeks. Sometimes we've been so shortstaffed that they had called in reserves from other stores rather than use their own resources. Talk about a waste of your own natural resources huh?

2. Better benefits

Right now I get an employee Discount, PTO, Sickpay, 401K and Vacation Pay. Not bad for a part timer right? Well, we don't get insurance, but full timers do. I just was diagnosed with high blood pressure and I really want insurance so I can go to the doctor. If I can't get full tim-then I surely can't afford it through ObamaCare or TrumpCare. Medicaid isn't expanding in North Carolina right now anyways. So full time employment usually offers insurance.

3. Bigger paychecks

I want to move out on my own. But that will require rent, electric, water, cable, internet etc... On my salary I wouldn't even be able to afford the light bill much less an apartment. Right now I pay my parents $100 every two weeks to help with water,lights,food,car, etc.. Plus i have a $50 per month cell phone bill. But if I wanna move out I need a full time job to do so. I want to be self sufficent.

So, the way I see it I like the job I have ok, but I just want to learn more and get more skills as well. So I can have stable hours and not a schedule that changes at the drop of a hat.

Some people might call me selfish or ungrateful, but I have to look out for myself because no one else will.


Why You Should take a Full Time position over a Part Time if you can
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