What I Have Learned in my First Days in my Job Transition Period

What I have learned in my first days in my job transition period

This past week I got hired on to a new job which is full time and pays more than my old job did which was part time.My first day will be the 26th at my new job. My last day at my old job was this last Friday. But anyways here are just a few things I have learned in this transition period.

1. Your old employer might want you to leave earlier than your two weeks notice

This happened to me. I gave my two weeks notice the day I signed my hiring papers for my new job. I gave it to them in writing stating I wanted my last day to be the 23rd. However I went back on my next scheduled shift to learn I was not scheduled any hours the next week. So I turned in my badge and finished that day of work. It was not a firing since I put in a notice.

2. Don't brag to your coworkers about your new opportunity

They probably will not want to hear it. At the end of the day they probably could care less who comes or goes due to the fact it happens often. Trust me I have seen 30 or so workers come and go since December 2015. Quite a few with injuries, some never got more than 4 hours a week, Some left because they did not feel like part of the group. So either way your coworkers are going to probably feel unfazed.

3. Research as much about your new position and the products and services as possible

I am going to be a call center sales and customer service rep for a major US Company (Thats all I can say) so I am researching as much about the producs and services as possible before my trainng classes begin. Knowledge is power, so the more you know the more sucessful you can be with your clientel.

So as one door has closed, another one has opened. I feel like I am ready to give it my all and go for the stars. I feel like I did well at my old job, so lets see if I can bring any experience and knowledge to my new one!



What I Have Learned in my First Days in my Job Transition Period
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  • LindsayRB91rds
    As you move up the food chain and begin to have jobs with more responsibility, you'll find that people are truly more friendly and supportive of your success. If I understand what you did before, you were working in the warehouse or back room of some box store. While that's important and critical to the success of the store, it's a position that for some people is the best they can do and for others, like you, it's a stepping stone to greatness.

    People reacting negatively is pretty common in these low positions. As you noted, the turnover is high and no one is appreciated. Your new position sounds much more exciting and you'll have a chance to actually help people. It feels awesome to do that - you're already getting a sense of that.

    Don't worry about the people you left behind. Some will do as you did and move on to new opportunities and others will just get stuck there forever, grumbling about how so-and-so got some uppity job.

    Congratulations again on the new position and I hope you're getting fired up to make something exciting happen.
  • 1truekhaleesi
    Glad you learned some stuff. In the end, it was a positive experience
  • ATuairiscean
    Good call and thoughtful advice