3 Good Short Reads For the Non-Reader


I love reading. Books are my escape, my love, my life.

I can read a 1200 page novel in just under a day, if you gave me the chance.

But, these days my hobby is becoming a minority. People just dont enjoy reading anymore.

I often get feedback on my mytakes, that I make them too long. Once or twice I actually hit that 20,000 word limit. But to me thats the perfect length. It is possible to get your point across in fewer words but honestly, where's the fun in that?

So today, to encourage people to pick up a book, Im going to reccomend a few short reads that I am in absolute love with.

(I will mention clearly if a book is a romance. Rest assured i dont read too many of those)

3 Good Short Reads For the Non-Reader

1. Shadow of the Red Moon

By Walter Dean Myers

Reading level- 7-10 years

This is an easy, but great read. Simple writing style with a simple plot but not predictable even for a return reader.

I've read this book four times now and it surprises me each time.

The story is centred around Jon and his two companions, children who have been sent to find the "ancient lands" after the "Crystal City" was attacked by the "fens".

They are challenged by strange creatures, by the "fens" and their own struggles to continue to have faith in their own ancestry and written history.

Its a bloody good book that you cannot put down.

3 Good Short Reads For the Non-Reader

2. Skin Hunger

By Kathleen Duey

Reading Level- 12 and up

Gonna be honest. Been at least six years since I've read this book. My memory of it is hazy but i spent six months trying to find the sequal so rest assured it's GOOD.

The first time i read this book it confused me, it jumped from one timeline to another and then back again and i was not prepared for that when i first read it.

When you get into the story though, you get sucked in.

This book is about magic (down to earth kind of magic, not harry potter crap) and strength of character, along with dealing with inescapable hardships.

I can't reccomend this book enough, however sadly, i also can't remember exactly what MAKES it so good. So just trust me on this one.

3 Good Short Reads For the Non-Reader

3. Rowan of Rin

By Emily Rodda

Reading Level- 8 and up

By the same author as the Deltora Quests and Wizard of Rondo series.

A small village faces peril as their stream runs dry. They set up a team to send up the mountain to find the problem.

The local shaman convinces them to take the boy who first discovered that the stream was running low, for he is the only one who can read the map. Rowan was afraid, always has been, more than anyone else. Can he face his fears to help secure his towns existence?

This is a nice read, creates good empathy towards the main character, and does well to avoid predictability.

Though with Emily Rodda as the author its no wonder this book is good.


So there we have it! Three good short reads for the non reader!

If youve read any of these let me know what you thought.

3 Good Short Reads For the Non-Reader
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Anonymous
    I like to read but rarely find the time to read a full length book. Do you know of any book with a collection of short stories that are either fantasy, sci fi or cops and robbers?
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    • These ARE short stories. I wouldn't put them at any more than 300 pages.
      And you dont have to read a book in one sitting to get the whole story.

      But no, i dont know of any collections. Im not a fan of short reads like those, especially if the writing is good. Its like eating just two chocolate buttons when you could have had five.

    • Anonymous

      I meant like 40 to 70 page stories that I can read in a couple hours or so in one sitting.

Most Helpful Girl

  • redeyemindtricks
    Y'know what, I'll give these a read sometime. Because •you•.
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  • kJm91
    I know its cliche, but I honestly do want to get into reading more. I want to read conscious real world books, but also great story books like the ones you listed. I think the first book sounds most interesting, thanks for the request.
    • If you want to know about a good non-fiction book, there's an autobiography called Nobody Nowhere by Donna Williams.
      Its about her life growing up with autism. Its not nearly as short a read as the ones i mentioned, however i did read it when i was seven so it is an easy read.

  • John_Doesnt
    I usually prefer picture books and pop-up books.
    • Haha well, 1 n 3 both HAVE pictures in them... Does that help?